Essie Leggy Legend

As soon as I saw Essie Leggy Legend from this fall’s rock era-inspired collection, I knew I had to have it.

This is two coats in outdoor natural light in overcast weather, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat:

Leggy Legend isn’t just any gold-toned polish. The color is a unique bronze-y, shimmery metallic with bright gold and rosy copper notes that I haven’t seen in any other gold-family metallic polish I own. I expect the multi-faceted color makes it adaptable to many skin tones. It’s also super shiny and overall amazing.

The formula is fantastic, too. Like most Essies I’ve tried, the consistency is very fluid, but it’s not as runny as some, yet goes on buttery smooth. It dries on the faster side, and requires only two coats for good coverage. Win! The shimmer particles do tend to show some mild brushstrokes, but it’s minimal if applied carefully. No complaints about the fairly standard brush.

Here it is again from another angle, also in outdoor natural light (still overcast), for more dramatic lighting:

The richness of this color – I don’t even know how to properly express how much I love it.

I snagged my bottle from CVS (regular $8.50) with a 25% off coupon for about $6.38 + tax. Probably not the lowest price you can get an Essie for, but I was dying to wear it. Worth it. :]


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