Julep Nicola

This year, I didn’t do particularly festive nails for Halloween – no time! I did put on Julep Nicola, though, for the glow-in-the-dark finish. 🙂

Nicola is a very sheer peachy apricot base loaded with iridescent glass-fleck-y micro particles. It’s way sheer, though – way more sheer than I anticipated from the marketing photos. Even at three coats, like shown in my photos, you can barely see the polish, except that it adds a little bit of a blush tint to the nail, as well as the lovely iridescent sparkle and glossy sheen. It’s a subtle beauty, but definitely not for people who hate sheer polishes.

This is taken in strong direct outdoor natural light:

The consistency is fine, but it has a weird, strong skunky smell (blech) and seems to take longer than average to dry. Be prepared to sit tight – and maybe hold your hands away from your nose – especially if you use more than one coat of this polish!

Another angle in strong direct outdoor natural light:

The iridescent flakes stand out more in slightly less direct outdoor natural light. They mostly flash cyan to pink for me:

The peachy tint is nice, but it does make the whites of the nails look discolored.

I couldn’t snap a photo of the glow-in-the-dark effect because my phone camera couldn’t capture it. It does glow visibly greenish yellow in the dark, though.

Nicola is a pretty polish, but it’s a little more sheer than I typically like in a polish – almost more of a nail perfector, though blingy. The smell and long dry time are also not my favorite. Maybe it’ll be good layered over something else; I might experiment with that later on. Ultimately, I’m not sure it was the best use of my $6.99 (it was an add-on for my October 2015 Julep Maven box). I certainly don’t hate it, though.

Did you pick up Nicola? What did you think?


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