Julep October 2015 Maven Box: The New York Never Sleeps Collection, Classic with a Twist + add-ons (with promo codes)

My Julep Maven October 2015 monthly box came in last Thursday! I went with the Classic with a Twist box this time, since I liked the cranberry shimmer with holo so much. Here’s what came in the box:


The box was packed with burgundy paper crinkles and black tissue paper with iridescent silver glitter. The Classic with a Twist items were:

  • Julep Eyeshadow 101 Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick – I got this in Orchid Shimmer
  • Arielle, a “[s]moked fig crème,” and
  • Jocelyn, a “[c]ranberry shimmer with holographic microglitter,” plus
  • an description card describing the new Eyeshadow 101 stick and Your Happy Look blush (which I didn’t get),
  • 30% off promo code (30EYES), and
  • this month’s freebie, candy corn, same as we’ve gotten every October for the past few years.

I can now confirm that not every box includes the same promo code. My sister received a $10 off $20+ promo code (NYC10) instead.


I hardly ever wear makeup, but the eyeshadow stick seemed potentially handy for easy application during those few moments that I might need to dress up. I also loved the Orchid Shimmer color, which is a warm, brown-leaning purple. When it comes to eye stuff, I love reds and purples, so I’m pretty excited to try this thing out.

The eyeshadow stick is shaped like a pen, and the plastic has an attractive smoky chrome finish. One side’s the eyeshadow crayon, and the other has a spongy smudger tip. Here’s a close-up on the crayon end:


And here’s the smudger end:


My sister got it in Stone, a warm gray/taupe creme, which we both thought was an interesting color. I usually don’t do makeup swatches, but if we somehow get photos worth posting, I’ll blog them.


Now for the polishes (from top to bottom):

  • Arielle, new this month
  • Jocelyn, new this month
  • Tanith (“[w]arm putty with gold microglitter”), one of my add-ons, from January’s Classic with a Twist box, and
  • Myriam (“[c]asino red crème”), the bonus for picking up three or more add-ons this month, from Julep’s March 2014 release.

I can also now confirm that the bonus for picking up three or more add-ons is not the same for everyone. Instead of Myriam, my sister received Colton (“[b]lack iris crème”) as her bonus item.


And the last two add-ons (left to right):

  • Kayla (“[e]lectric iris sheer with violet sheen”), from Julep’s April 2014 Bombshell box, and
  • Nicola (“[o]range glow-in-the-dark iridescent microglitter top coat”), new this month.

I’ve got Jocelyn all swatched and ready to go, so stay tuned for a swatch post soon. 🙂

UPDATE 11/1/15: Jocelyn, Arielle, and Nicola are now all swatched and linked in this post!

Disclosure: This post contains one or more referral links. I don’t expect you to use my referral links unless you want to, of course, and they don’t affect me giving my honest opinion. Referrals go toward products reviewed on this site – thanks!


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