Julep Waleska

This week’s swatch is Julep Waleska, borrowed from my sister, since my own polishes are packed away for moving at the moment. 🙂 Waleska is from last August’s Julep Maven Boho Glam box, which I may have chosen poorly in skipping, since it also had India, another color I regretted not picking up. I sure wish I picked up Waleska, too, even though I apparently have a tendency to collect similar teals and already have a lot of polishes in the same family.

This is two coats, topped with Zoya Armor top coat, in indirect outdoor natural light:

Waleska is an amazing blue-green to emerald-green metallic shimmer that could be Zoya Remy‘s greener sister. The base is a bright blue-green, packed densely with green and gold shimmer particles that give it that greener overall cast. It’s stunning.

The formula is excellent, too. It’s opaque in two coats and applies like butter. Dry time seemed average.

In direct outdoor natural light:

It seems to shift between bluer and greener, depending on the lighting and angle. I love the richness of the color and am again kind of regretting that I didn’t grab the August 2014 Julep Maven Boho Glam box when I had the chance! Waleska’s currently out of stock at Julep, but if it comes back, maybe I’ll consider picking up a bottle. Maybe. I need to check over my teals again and see if I really feel the need for another teal, even if it’s an awesome one like Waleska.

Thank goodness for awesome sisters who share their polish stashes! 😀

Do you have a color you’re hooked on?


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