Julep Arielle

This week’s swatch is the other color from the October 2015 Julep Maven Classic with a Twist box, Arielle.

Julep Arielle has a creme finish and looks something like a cross between charcoal gray and dusky purple. I don’t have another like it, and it’s neutral enough of a color that it goes well with a wide range of outfits. The formula is great – goes on like butter – and takes two coats for good opacity. Dry time seemed about average.

Here it is, two coats topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor direct natural light. In the morning, the sunlight brought out more of the gray:

And here it is again in outdoor direct natural light, but at a different time of day (late afternoon). The light quality brought out more of the purple tones:

I’m on day five of this manicure, and other than some minor tip wear, it still looks pretty much perfect. Great relative durability on this one! (UPDATE 11/1/15: This manicure ended up lasting me almost two weeks before chipping more noticeably – wow!)

Arielle strikes me as a cooler toned, purpler version of Julep Fiore. I may do a comparison post later on.

Happy weekend!


Julep Jocelyn

This is Julep Jocelyn, the polish that convinced me to pick up this month’s Julep Maven Classic with a Twist box. It’s a burgundy-to-cranberry shimmer, courtesy of shimmer particles that seem to shift from magenta to gold and impart a bluer or more orange cast to what looks to me like a metallic maroon base, with holo particles interspersed throughout. So pretty.

Here is two coats, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor direct natural light:

These photos in bright sunlight show off the complexity of this color pretty well. The holo microglitter throws off more rainbows in person, though.

The formula is a tad on the thicker side, so it has a tendency to cling to the brush stem and drip (so be careful with that extra-long Julep brush stem) but it provides good coverage and is almost opaque in one coat. You could probably get by with a single coat if you apply it carefully, but I still used two coats for better evenness. You can see the brush strokes a little bit, but it’s not too noticeable. The Julep brush still seems to be the slightly wider than average, slightly flattened, square-tipped one. It’s all right, but as I’ve mentioned in other reviews of more recent Julep polishes, it’s not the easiest brush for hugging the cuticle curve.

In outdoor indirect natural light (shade):

In indirect light, the dichroic/duochrome flash doesn’t show as much, so the maroon base predominates. It’s a lovely deep purplish red that reminds me of Dr. Pepper cans and cherries – the ripe, dark-red ones:

Finally, one more angle to better show off that golden shimmer:

Jocelyn is, in short, everything I was hoping for in this polish color. With fall coming on, I had such a hankering to wear a spicy, fruity color like this, and Julep totally nailed it (no pun intended). I imagine it’d be a fantastic color for winter, too. Thumbs up on this one!

If you’re digging these Julep colors, you might be interested in checking out Julep’s monthly Maven box, which is $24,99 a month individually, or $19.99 a month, if you prepay for three months at a time, and you can skip boxes and cancel whenever you like (a must in a subscription box, in my  book). I believe you can get the first box for free. 🙂

Anyway, Arielle is up next for swatching, probably, unless I end up obsessing over another color when I change colors at the end of the week. 🙂 Did you pick up this month’s Julep box, and what did you think of this collection?

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Julep October 2015 Maven Box: The New York Never Sleeps Collection, Classic with a Twist + add-ons (with promo codes)

My Julep Maven October 2015 monthly box came in last Thursday! I went with the Classic with a Twist box this time, since I liked the cranberry shimmer with holo so much. Here’s what came in the box:


The box was packed with burgundy paper crinkles and black tissue paper with iridescent silver glitter. The Classic with a Twist items were:

  • Julep Eyeshadow 101 Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick – I got this in Orchid Shimmer
  • Arielle, a “[s]moked fig crème,” and
  • Jocelyn, a “[c]ranberry shimmer with holographic microglitter,” plus
  • an description card describing the new Eyeshadow 101 stick and Your Happy Look blush (which I didn’t get),
  • 30% off promo code (30EYES), and
  • this month’s freebie, candy corn, same as we’ve gotten every October for the past few years.

I can now confirm that not every box includes the same promo code. My sister received a $10 off $20+ promo code (NYC10) instead.


I hardly ever wear makeup, but the eyeshadow stick seemed potentially handy for easy application during those few moments that I might need to dress up. I also loved the Orchid Shimmer color, which is a warm, brown-leaning purple. When it comes to eye stuff, I love reds and purples, so I’m pretty excited to try this thing out.

The eyeshadow stick is shaped like a pen, and the plastic has an attractive smoky chrome finish. One side’s the eyeshadow crayon, and the other has a spongy smudger tip. Here’s a close-up on the crayon end:


And here’s the smudger end:


My sister got it in Stone, a warm gray/taupe creme, which we both thought was an interesting color. I usually don’t do makeup swatches, but if we somehow get photos worth posting, I’ll blog them.


Now for the polishes (from top to bottom):

  • Arielle, new this month
  • Jocelyn, new this month
  • Tanith (“[w]arm putty with gold microglitter”), one of my add-ons, from January’s Classic with a Twist box, and
  • Myriam (“[c]asino red crème”), the bonus for picking up three or more add-ons this month, from Julep’s March 2014 release.

I can also now confirm that the bonus for picking up three or more add-ons is not the same for everyone. Instead of Myriam, my sister received Colton (“[b]lack iris crème”) as her bonus item.


And the last two add-ons (left to right):

  • Kayla (“[e]lectric iris sheer with violet sheen”), from Julep’s April 2014 Bombshell box, and
  • Nicola (“[o]range glow-in-the-dark iridescent microglitter top coat”), new this month.

I’ve got Jocelyn all swatched and ready to go, so stay tuned for a swatch post soon. 🙂

UPDATE 11/1/15: Jocelyn, Arielle, and Nicola are now all swatched and linked in this post!

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Julep Waleska

This week’s swatch is Julep Waleska, borrowed from my sister, since my own polishes are packed away for moving at the moment. 🙂 Waleska is from last August’s Julep Maven Boho Glam box, which I may have chosen poorly in skipping, since it also had India, another color I regretted not picking up. I sure wish I picked up Waleska, too, even though I apparently have a tendency to collect similar teals and already have a lot of polishes in the same family.

This is two coats, topped with Zoya Armor top coat, in indirect outdoor natural light:

Waleska is an amazing blue-green to emerald-green metallic shimmer that could be Zoya Remy‘s greener sister. The base is a bright blue-green, packed densely with green and gold shimmer particles that give it that greener overall cast. It’s stunning.

The formula is excellent, too. It’s opaque in two coats and applies like butter. Dry time seemed average.

In direct outdoor natural light:

It seems to shift between bluer and greener, depending on the lighting and angle. I love the richness of the color and am again kind of regretting that I didn’t grab the August 2014 Julep Maven Boho Glam box when I had the chance! Waleska’s currently out of stock at Julep, but if it comes back, maybe I’ll consider picking up a bottle. Maybe. I need to check over my teals again and see if I really feel the need for another teal, even if it’s an awesome one like Waleska.

Thank goodness for awesome sisters who share their polish stashes! 😀

Do you have a color you’re hooked on?