LynBDesigns I am Beyond Impropriety

This is another polish from LynBDesigns‘ Meet Me at the Abbey collection, I am Beyond Impropriety.

Here’s two coats, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor indirect natural light (shade):

My bottle of I am Beyond Impropriety is a neutral-ish, slightly blue-leaning, slightly dusty lavender crelly base with a good helping of what looks to me like somewhat iridescent golden flakies. That is, in person, the fine flake glitter seems to flash pink sometimes, though it just looks gold in the photos. My bottle wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, since the official swatch photos are definitely way more pink/mauve, and LynBDesigns even describes the color as “a mauvey purple crelly with intense golden shimmer.” My photos of this color are pretty much color accurate to my bottle, and it’s definitely more of a lavender. The base also looks more opaque to me, such that the flakies don’t layer as visibly. The flake glitter looks a bit coarser and more random-sized in my bottle than in the official swatch, but that’s all right with me. Such is the way of indie polishes, though, so even though I’d have preferred the pinker tone and more translucent base, I’m cool with it.

Here’s a shot in outdoor direct natural light (bright sunlight):

This polish was pretty easy to apply and was opaque in two to three coats. I used two for these photos, but on my other hand (not pictured), I applied it thinner and needed three. Dry time was faster than average. The polish dried fairly smooth, but the finish was something of a semi-matte. I thought it looked better with a coat of glossy top coat.

Again in indirect outdoor natural light (shade), but different color temperature:

Here’s another angle on those flakies:

Durability doesn’t seem to be this color’s strong suit, unfortunately. It started chipping pretty badly on me at the end of the second day, and the typical polish usually lasts four or five days.

Long story short, it’s a pretty color with easy application but only lasts a couple days, even with a generally reliable base and top coat. That’s not necessarily much of an issue if you like to change your nail color often, though, and as always, your mileage may vary, particularly since this is an indie polish that may have some variation from bottle to bottle.

Do you have any thoughts on this color or indie polishes in general? I’d love to hear from you!


LynBDesigns Defender of the Downtrodden

I’m still alive! Not surprisingly, it’s even bigger of a challenge to post regular swatches now that I’m back to working full time and taking care of a newborn, but I’ll still be posting when I can. 🙂

Here’s LynBDesigns Defender of the Downtrodden from the Meet Me at the Abbey collection, three coats, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat.

This is in outdoor direct natural light:

Defender of the Downtrodden has a pale taupe crelly base and linear holo shimmer. The holo is pretty muted in this one, though in a good way. It’s subtle enough to be work-appropriate at a somewhat conservative workplace, yet the holographic shimmer keeps it from being too plain. The rainbows really don’t come out except in bright light. Otherwise, it’s got more of a soft, sugary sparkle.

The formula is a bit goopy and not the absolute easiest to apply, but it’s workable. (Forgive my sloppy application – it’s hard not to rush with a baby to get back to!) It’s somewhat opaque in two coats but looked better to me with three.

Here it is in indirect natural light (shade):

While I don’t usually go for neutrals/nudes, this is a beautiful, soft neutral that I enjoyed wearing for a week. Durability was pretty average on me; it lasted about four days before chipping significantly.

And here’s another shot in bright sunlight to show the rainbow sparkles:

Again, subtle but lovely. I’m not sure how often I’ll feel like wearing such a demure color, but it’s nice to have one in my collection for when I’m in a more subdued mood, like three weeks ago when I wore this. 🙂

It’s been nice having my bare, natural nails out for three weeks, but I think I’m ready to polish these suckers again, so maybe I’ll post again before long. Let’s hope ‘Fiend Jr. cooperates!