Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss

This is three coats of Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss, from the summer 2013 The Mermaids collection (spin-offs of the original Mermaid’s Dream), topped with Essie Good to Go top coat.

In direct natural light:

Mermaid’s Kiss is a sheer, slightly milky, blush-pink base with pink and champagne-gold microglitter/shimmer, as well as a smattering of small raspberry and gold hexes. At three coats, it’s still somewhat sheer, but the shimmer effectively hides the sheerness in most lighting. The overall effect is similar to Milani Golden Romance, Julep Love, and, of course, the original Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream and its doppelganger Revlon Wintermint. It reminds me of sweets, like strawberry ice cream or Pop-Tart frosting. 🙂

The formula applies smoothly and dries faster than average, even with three coats. No special glitter placement was necessary, and I had no problems with the fairly standard round, square-tipped brush.

In indirect natural light:

To be honest, I like Mermaid’s Kiss more than the original Mermaid’s Dream, even though I typically go for minty green shades over pinks. I also found it interesting that Mermaid’s Kiss often ends up looking pretty close to my skin tone, despite looking obviously pink in the bottle, so it looks like a dressed-up nude, almost.

This polish normally goes for $20, but I managed to snag it off the Deborah Lippmann website on sale for $10. The sale’s over now, but it may come up again.

I’ve heard some people have issues with the durability of Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes, but so far, this has lasted a day without visible wear. I’ll update this post in about a week or so, when I’ve more to report on that. 🙂


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