LynBDesigns Slay

Quick swatch post: this one’s LynBDesigns Slay, a blazingly neon watermelon red-pink crelly, from the Vocab collection.

This is two coats in outdoor natural light – and believe me, it’s even brighter and more vibrant in person, as cameras can’t capture its fiery fluorescence like our eyes can:

Imagine this red-leaning pink in full neon glory, and you’d get Slay. The formula is amazing for a neon – in fact, I’d say it’s just about perfect. No white base coat required! It could be even more opaque with three coats, but I liked the slightly translucent candy-like look at two coats. It applies smoothly and dries faster than average to a matte finish. I used Essie Good to Go top coat for the glossy look.

I’m so in love with this polish. ❤ ❤ ❤ It’s so saturated and juicy, just the way I like my colors.

I’ve still got more from my LynBDesigns haul to swatch, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, do any of you have favorite neon polishes to recommend to me?

Durability & removal update 8/9/2015: Slay did pretty well over a week, but in the way of other neon polishes I own, the polish layer started to gradually separate from the nail plate a bit as time went on, and the heaviest-use nails (index & thumb on both sides) chipped by around the 5th day. Not too shabby, considering all the typing, piano playing, and baby-stuff washing I did. The polish (with a base coat underneath) didn’t stain my nails, despite the intense color, and removal was a breeze.


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