Space nails! LynBDesigns Amazingly Unlikely & Time and Relative Dimension in Space

I'd been admiring LynBDesigns indie nail polishes from afar for a long time before recently taking the leap and picking up a bunch I'd been eyeing, including Amazingly Unlikely (3 coats on all nails except for ring) from the About a Galaxy collection and Time and Relative Dimension in Space (3 coats on ring finger) from the The Doctor... Continue Reading →


Face-off: Zoya Marion vs. Julep Phia

As promised, here it is - a comparison of Zoya Marion (index and ring), from June 2015's Zoya Mystery Trio Box, and Julep Phia (middle and pinky), from last June's It Girl Maven monthly box. This is two coats of each, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in direct natural light: Marion and Phia are very similar neutral... Continue Reading →

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