Zoya June 2015 Mystery Trio Box swatches: Zoya Temperance & Zoya Violet

Quick swatch post – here’s Zoya Temperance (primary) and Zoya Violet (accent), two of the three colors introduced the Mystery Trio Box released earlier this month, two coats each, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat. This is day two, hence the tip wear, without cuticle cleanup (sorry, no time!).

Direct outdoor natural light:

Temperance, shown on all nails except for the ring, is a somewhat cool-leaning gray creme/crelly, warmed up with subtle pink/green/gold shimmer, which gives the gray an almost purplish cast. The result looks neutral enough that I’d expect it to go well with most, if not all, complexions, and I don’t have any other polish like it. The formula is great, too – not too runny and not too thick – and even though it comes in a mini bottle, the regular Zoya brush tip (one of my favorites) and cap shape make it just as easy to apply as a full-size Zoya. It dried on the fast side of average for me.

Indirect outdoor natural light (shade):

Violet, on the ring finger, is a straight-up neutral-toned medium smoky violet crelly. The formula is a bit thinner than Temperance’s, but it’s pretty similar otherwise and applies well. The brush, as expected, is the same, and it also dried on the fast side of average.

I have no idea if Zoya will be releasing these never-before-seen colors for sale, now that the Mystery Trio Boxes have been sent out. Both colors are fantastic, though, and would make excellent additions to their huge lineup. When I have a chance, I’ll swatch the last of the three colors – Zoya Marion – in a face-off post with Julep Phia. Stay tuned!


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