Zoya June 2015 Mystery Trio Box swatches: Zoya Temperance & Zoya Violet

Quick swatch post - here's Zoya Temperance¬†(primary) and Zoya Violet¬†(accent), two of the three colors introduced the Mystery Trio Box released earlier this month, two coats each, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat. This is day two, hence the tip wear, without cuticle cleanup (sorry, no time!). Direct outdoor natural light: Temperance, shown... Continue Reading →


Zoya June 2015 Mystery Trio Box unveiling

I'm such a sucker for Zoya deals. Late May, Zoya sent out an e-mail offering yet another Mystery Trio Box, promising "3 brand new, never before released or produced colors in adorable mini 0.25oz sizes," promised to flatter all skin tones, plus a "special gift," all for $15 and free shipping. I figured that with... Continue Reading →

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