Julep May 2015 Mystery Box (Version 1) with Julep x Brika bag

I just realized that I haven’t picked up a Julep mystery box in over a year! This time, though, I was in the market for a light slipcover for my iPad, and the faux leather Julep x Brika bag with its candy-bright crystalline shapes was calling my name. At $29.99 for the entire mystery box package, guaranteeing the Julep x Brika bag and two new polish colors I liked, I was confident I’d get enough value out of the mystery box, no matter what the other items were. Julep promised a total product value of at least $150.00, though this is based on their arbitrary full retail prices. Anyway, here’s what came in today! julep150515 The Julep x Brika bag does not disappoint. The cheerful print is just as vibrant in person as it is in the promotional photos, and the bag looks well made and sturdy enough. The outside is faux leather, the inside is lined with mint-green cotton, and it’s got a small, flat, zippered accessory pocket inside. It’s not terribly padded as far as tablet cases go, but it’ll do for the light protection I was going for. In Julep’s blog post about the 9″ x 11″ pouch, they said it could fit an iPad Mini, but the bag is actually a great size for my iPad Air 2, too. julep150515e I think it’s an exclusive, so it’s not available at Brika, but significantly smaller pouches (around 9″ x 7″) at Brika seem to go for $28.00 to $36.00, so it’s probably safe to say that the pouch itself has a retail value of at least the entire mystery box price. Now, on to the Julep products the bag came with. According to my invoice, I ended up receiving May Mystery Box Version 1. In beauty products, I received a Julep Length Matters mascara ($24.00 regular, $19.20 Maven) and a Julep Lip Gloss in Vivid ($20.00 regular, $16.00 Maven). julep150515b I’ve never used the Julep mascara and am looking forward to giving it a try. Meanwhile, Vivid is described as an “[i]ridescent burgundy shimmer with Power Cell Complex™” and looks pretty accurate to the description. I’m also looking forward to testing this out and hope my super sensitive lips don’t hate it! julep150515d The five polishes included in my box were:

  • Chatoya, a “[b]right platinum glitter top coat” from December 2014,
  • Marcella (new for the May mystery box!), a “[w]eathered pink crème” that reminds me of orchids,
  • Shayla (new for the May mystery box!), a “[p]urple perennial full-coverage microglitter,”
  • Brandis, a “Taos turquoise crème” from February 2015, and
  • Bea, a “[l]emonade crème” from August 2013.

I liked how the colors kind of match the Julep x Brika bag – and, hey, I didn’t get any duplicate nail colors this time, either. :] I threw Marcy (“Prosecco silk (semi-matte opalescent)”) into the photo below, since I picked it up as an extra freebie polish in my mystery box order with promo code SPRINGFUN, which may still be active at the time of this writing. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try! julep150515c julep150515f Julep nail polishes retail for $14.00 regular and $11.20 Maven. Altogether, that comes to a total retail value of $114.00 regular and $91.20 Maven for the beauty products on their own. I’m guessing this means Julep values the pouch at $36.00, which isn’t unreasonable, given the prices of the smaller pouches at Brika. Overall, I’m well satisfied with this mystery box. It’s unfortunately no longer available on Julep’s site, so I think it’s sold out, but the SPRINGFUN promo code for a free nail polish with your order may still work. And, if you’re not a Maven yet and want to try out the monthly box, you can currently get a free 4-piece welcome box with promo code SPRING. Happy Friday!


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