Essie Fashion Playground & Essie East Hampton Cottage

I never tire of mint green.

This is Essie Fashion Playground from last spring’s Fashion Playground collection, three thin coats, on all nails except the ring finger, which has four thin coats of Essie East Hampton Cottage, all topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor direct natural light:

Essie describes Fashion Playground as a “plucky pistachio shimmer,” but personally, I think the color is too blue to be pistachio. It’s definitely more of a minty green that reminds me of some jadeite milk glass dishes and mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite!). I’m full of love for this color. ❤ It mostly looks like a creme, but it’s got a subtle, fine glass-fleck shimmer similar to Essie Full Steam Ahead – you probably won’t see it unless you’re looking for it, but it adds a touch of sugary sparkle.

East Hampton Cottage is, per Essie, “a beachy sand pink with hints of sheer shimmer perfect for a French manicure.” True, it’s a pale pink in the bottle, but on the nail, it comes across more like a pearlescent/frosty almost-white. It’s meant to be sheer, but I like the milky opacity built up over four thin coats, as shown in my photos. The brushstrokes aren’t overly visible, despite the finish, especially with top coat.

In outdoor indirect natural light:

Fashion Playground did take three thin coats, minimum, for even opacity, though. Application’s not bad otherwise, and the polish seemed to dry on the fast side of average with thin coats, but as always, the multiple coats take some patience. I haven’t tried it with thicker coats, but I wonder if applying the polish more thickly would work better with this particular formula.

East Hampton Cottage was similar in application to Fashion Playground in that it’s sheer and required four thin coats for the opacity you see in my photos. No complaints about the Essie brush, which is short-stemmed and pretty standard-sized and round with a square tip, though my Fashion Playground brush had a weird rogue hair that luckily curled up away from the tip and didn’t affect application.

Also, I have nothing but good things to say about Essie Good to Go top coat, which I actually used for the first time with this manicure because I got it for free when I purchased these two polishes at Ulta recently. It’s not thick and goopy like Seche Vite or Julep Freedom, but you can brush it on half-dry nail polish, and it hardens pretty fast into a nice, smooth, glossy finish. I’ll have to use it more times to fully confirm how I feel about this top coat, but so far, it’s a winner.

Finally, here’s a bottle shot (left to right: Fashion Playground, Mint Candy Apple, East Hampton Cottage), just to show how much bluer Mint Candy Apple is compared to Fashion Playground:

As I mentioned in my swatch post about Mint Candy Apple, I’d hoped that it’d be more the color of Fashion Playground, but now that I have Fashion Playground, I think I’m set. :]


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