Julep Audrey with Revlon Transforming Effects Holographic Pearls

Weekend nails time!

This is three coats Julep Audrey, an older Julep color that’s still available, topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. The photo was taken in natural light, indoors:

Audrey is a pale, neutral-to-cool-leaning pink jelly with a yummy-looking spun-sugar glass-fleck shimmer. It’s pretty sheer and requires three coats for the opacity you see in my photos (nail line still somewhat visible), though if you don’t mind sheer, I also liked the subtler look at two coats. The formula’s easy to work with but seemed to have an above-average dry-time. My bottle came with Julep’s Favorite Things by Oprah box from 2012, so it has the older, finer-tipped brush that I like better than the current wide Julep brushes.

I later added one coat of Revlon Holographic Pearls (from the relatively new Transforming Effects layering top coat line) on the ring finger. This is in the shade, taken in outdoor natural light, which lent the pink a cooler tone:

…whoops, looks like a little lint got on my pinky nail. Please ignore. :]

Holographic Pearls is a clear layering top coat suspended fairly densely with fine silver holo glitter. It’s got a decently strong scatter holo rainbow effect, especially in direct light. The formula and brush are both easy to work with, though it dries a bit gritty. I’d recommend a layer of clear top coat over this one.

Here’s an out-of-focus photo to better show the rainbows on the accent nail and in the bottle:

No complaints about either nail polish – they’re both lovely. :]


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