Easter skittles with older Julep colors

Happy Easter! I wasn’t sure I’d have time to post this today, but I’ve got a few minutes’ downtime to type up a post while I wait for my Easter meringue cups to dry in the oven.

I decided to do pastel skittles swatching some of my older Julep colors this year, since I haven’t worn them in some time. :] From thumb to pinky, here’s two coats each of Julep Simone, Susie, Leila, Clara, and Martha, in indoor natural light, topped with Julep Freedom Top Coat:

Leila (yellow with subtle gold shimmer) and Simone (lavender with subtle blue shimmer) are technically shimmers, but the shimmer isn’t really visible on the nail, so I generally use them the way I would a creme. Their formulas are a bit chalky, especially Leila’s, so a third coat might have been better for even opacity, but I was in a bit of a hurry. They dried relatively quickly, though.

Susie is a straight up pale minty green creme, and it probably had my favorite formula and brush (pretty standard-width brush that is less wide than the newer Julep brushes) of all five.

Clara (peach) and Martha (pink) are both cremes/crellies. Martha took a little longer to dry than the other colors, but otherwise, both of these polishes also had pretty good formulas that went on smoothly. I may have liked Susie’s application better mostly because the finer-tipped brush was easier for me to use.

Susie is from 2012, and the other colors are from 2013, so many of these colors probably aren’t available from Julep anymore. I’ve got a special fondness for them because they were some of the first Julep polishes I’d ever bought, and my nail polish habit only started in 2012 – something I picked up to cover up my gel-polish-removal-damaged nails after having them done for the first time ever for my wedding. (Before that, I was definitely a strictly unadorned nails kind of girl, and I still generally wear no other cosmetics!)

I was amazed to discover in 2012 that since my childhood years, nail polish makers had actually broken out of that old-fashioned pink/red/nude rut and now embraced colors I actually wanted to wear – like blues, greens, and neon oranges – as well as glitter and other special finishes.

I’ve been enamored of nail polish ever since, and I don’t think that’ll be changing anytime soon. :] Anyway, my meringues are pretty much done now, so I’ll cut it off there.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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