Julep India & Julep Bjork

Another quick and dirty swatch post: Julep India, two coats, with one coat of Julep Bjork (Metamorphic Top Coat) on the ring finger, all topped with Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat.

This is in natural light (shade):

A tad messy, sorry – ‘Fiend Jr.’s battering-ram kicks to my internal organs don’t do much for my concentration! I would’ve done some cleanup afterward, but the sun was setting, and I wanted to snap a few photos before it got dark.

I really love this kind of multidimensional blue and wish I had a car in this color. While I’m wishing, make that a Tesla in this blue.

Julep describes India as a “[f]reshwater blue shimmer.” I prefer straightforward color descriptions to empty-calorie marketing descriptors like “freshwater” (I sure hope fresh water wouldn’t be this color!), but I guess I can see how it gets the refreshing feeling of the color across.

It looks to me like a somewhat frosty metallic, medium cool-toned blue with fine shimmer that flashes green or teal. The base itself is a bit dichroic/duochrome-y, too, and seems to shift from cobalt blue to turquoise. The result is a polish with a lot of depth and mesmerizing sparkle that could probably flatter a wide range of skin tones.

I added Bjork (“[b]lue pearlescent silk top coat”) to the ring finger, just to see what would happen. The dichroic teal-to-purple shimmer in Bjork definitely adds to the scatter effect – and when looked at carefully, you can tell it looks a bit milkier than India alone – but it otherwise doesn’t do much for India.

Nothing to complain about, formula-wise, and dry time seemed average. As I’ve said before, Julep’s recent brushes have been a tiny bit too square-tipped and stiff for my taste, since they tend to make painting the curve at the cuticle a bit challenging for smallish nails like mine. It’s workable if you’re careful (and not getting beat up by your future offspring), though. Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat worked great for this polish and dried fast.

India’s a win. I wish I hadn’t passed up the August 2014 Maven box that had this color (I think it was because it was out of stock at the time I made my selection), but I’m definitely glad I picked it up later! ❤


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