Zoya Veruschka

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m doing a second polish swatch for the day because I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to be festive. :]

Zoya Veruschka, one of Zoya’s MatteVelvet polishes that come in the classy frosted-glass bottles. I believe it was first introduced in the winter of 2009 as a limited edition polish, though I picked it up during a re-release this past winter. A quick look at Zoya’s site says Veruschka is gone again, though, so if you’re looking for this color, I’m guessing you’ll have to find it through a third party.

This is two coats, no top coat, in natural light (shade):

Veruschka is a deep, rich, somewhat blue-toned green with silver shimmer that reminds me of evergreen trees. As suggested by its MatteVelvet label, it dries to a satiny matte finish and is meant to be worn without top coat. Judging from how it looks wet, though, I’m sure it’d look great with a glossy top coat, too. The matte finish isn’t very forgiving with bumps or unevenness on the nail, but the second coat does help smooth that out. A glossy top coat could probably help with that, too.

In any case, I found I needed a second coat to get good coverage. No complaints about the formula or brush (standard size with a relatively short stem), and this polish dries pretty fast. As with most polishes, though, even if it feels dry to the touch, it probably has to cure a bit before you, say, handle a dog. I gouged one of these nails doing that almost immediately after these photos, hehe. Whoops.

Anyway, happy St. Patty’s, and have a beer for me. No beer for me for a while, else I’d really love a milk stout!


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