Zoya India, Zoya Cyma & Revlon Hearts of Gold FX

I was kind of sloppy with my Valentine’s nails this year, sorry. It was past my bedtime when I did them. ;P

This is Zoya India, two coats, on all fingers, except for the ring finger, which is Zoya Cyma, two coats, plus Revlon Hearts of Gold FX, roughly one coat brush-dabbed on, topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. In direct natural light:

Zoya India is from the Ignite collection last fall. (I swatched Remy from the same collection earlier.) It’s a rich cranberry purple-red jelly packed with dichroic glass fleck-y shimmer that looks to me like it shifts from pink to gold. This polish looks like a jewel-toned dark red in some light. So lovely. No problems at all with the formula or brush, and dry time was average.

In retrospect, I think the Miracle Gel was a poor top coat choice for this polish. It’s not quite thick enough to bring out the best glow from India’s complex shimmer, and even though the polish underneath was completely dry when I applied top coat, I experienced a lot of color transfer onto the top coat brush (which the Miracle Gel top coat has a tendency to do – my main peeve about this top coat). Yuck. I definitely recommend using a different top coat in this case.

In the shade (please excuse the wrinkly fingers of first-thing-in-the-morning dehydration, haha):

Zoya Cyma is from the Flourish collection from the 2008 holiday season that I don’t think is available anymore, but which I got as a random freebie from Zoya in one of my previous orders. It looks more reddish in the bottle, so I was surprised that it came off more as a cherry-candy red-pink on the nail. It’s also got a lit-from-within gold shimmer that’s hard to see in my photos, since I layered glitter on top, but Cyma does look pleasantly glowy on its own. Bright pinks and reds are not my typical go-to colors, and I probably wouldn’t have bought this polish myself, but it’s a great Valentine’s color . Great formula and usual easy-to-use Zoya brush, average dry time.

Revlon Hearts of Gold FX is a clear base with sparse holographic heart glitters and fine gold square glitters. I really like the concept of this polish, but the execution, sadly, leaves something to be desired. The base is watery, and I definitely needed to fish for the elusive heart glitters. Placement wasn’t easy, either. You’d think it’d at least be somewhat simple to deposit glitters with such a watery base, but the hearts tended to stubbornly stick to the brush right when I needed them to come off. I spent too long dabbing hearts into place and the goopy base melted Cyma a little onto one of the hearts. Ugh. D:

A tip for this one – collect the glitters you want on the brush, then carefully let most of the clear base drain off the brush before dabbing the glitters onto the nail. That seemed to work most of the time.

I think I’m going to want to look for a different heart-glitter topper for times I have less patience to work with Hearts of Gold FX. The two Zoyas, though, are excellent.

UPDATE 2/15/15: Bah, lots of staining with Zoya India on removal, which I’ve never had with a red polish before. I don’t know if it’s the base coat I used (Nail-Aid Peeling Nail Intense Repair Gel, my current go-to for the past year or so, which has usually been pretty reliable in preventing staining – I’ll have to write up a post about this product sometime!), a combination of the top coat and base coat, or just the polish itself. Gross. As you can see, the accent nail with Cyma was fine (though there’s some residue from the heart glitter in this shot). Next time I wear India, I’ll try a different base.

Just a heads up. Anyone else experience this with India?


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  1. Your mani posts are gorgeous, I love your blog! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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