Julep Margit

I’m finally trying out Julep Margit from my January Maven box!

This is two coats in natural light (overcast), topped with Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat:

Margit is described by Julep as “[m]ushroom with rose shimmer.” I wouldn’t say that’s inaccurate, but as you can see, though it’s pretty prominent in the bottle, the rose shimmer really doesn’t show that much on the nail. From some angles, you can see some subtle rosiness in the finish, but it looks mostly indistinguishable from silver from most angles. It does seem to lend the otherwise warm gray polish an almost lilac cast, though, which is interesting. The shimmer, in general, is pretty subtle, and from afar, Margit can almost pass for a creme.

The formula isn’t bad, but it’s a bit on the thick side, so it had a tendency to go on unevenly. Nothing a top coat can’t fix, luckily!

I did have some trouble with the brush, though. Julep’s recent brushes are wider than they used to be, with a bit of a flared tip, and they’re a bit large for my smaller nails. I try to compensate by pressing lightly and only using part of the brush, but that results in kind of uneven application, since the brush doesn’t fan out properly. It’s not my favorite, but that could just be me.

It’s too bad about the rose shimmer, but Margit’s more interesting than your typical neutral creme, especially if you’re limited to so-called work-appropriate polishes. I like the purplish tinge going on there.

Just a note on durability, probably more the Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat than Margit itself: it’s only been a day, and I’ve already gotten a tiny chip on one nail from just packing my work bag. Boo. I guess I’m getting too used to the hardier top coats I usually use, like Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. It’s got a nice shine and dries fast, though, so you could do worse. Julep also claims it’s oxygen permeable and healthier for your nails, but I can’t vouch for that one way or another.

Next week, I’ll probably swatch something vaguely Valentines-y. :] We’ll see!


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