Julep Ava & Revlon Transforming Effects Nude Graffiti

I'm not normally a huge fan of pale pink, but Julep Ava was sitting untried in my stash (I'd gotten it for free with one of my Maven monthly boxes at some point), and I thought it'd go well with Revlon Nude Graffiti, one of the Transforming Effects top coats just released this year. I... Continue Reading →


L’Oreal Masked Affair

I finally found it! I was so excited that I rushed to swatch this one before properly rehydrating after running errands, hence the wrinkly fingers, sorry! L'Oreal Masked Affair, one of the polishes from L'Oreal's recent Dark Sides of Grey collection (an obvious but apparently unofficial tie-in to a certain movie/book) turned out to be a... Continue Reading →

Julep Margit

I'm finally trying out Julep Margit from my January Maven box! This is two coats in natural light (overcast), topped with Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat: Margit is described by Julep as "[m]ushroom with rose shimmer.” I wouldn't say that's inaccurate, but as you can see, though it's pretty prominent in the bottle, the rose... Continue Reading →

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