Zoya Magical PixieDust Bar

This week’s swatch is Zoya Bar from their summer 2014 Magical PixieDust collection, the same collection Arlo (another lovely polish) is from. I picked this up in a BOGO sale Zoya had a few months back. I’m kind of sad that Zoya’s discontinuing their PixieDust polishes this year, but at least they had some good clearance sales for me to grab the ones that I hadn’t gotten around to collecting yet.

Anyway, here’s two coats, no top coat, in direct natural light:

Bar is a sheer-ish, somewhat rosy sand/peach jelly packed with multi-sized glitters, including what looks like a finer silver-gold glitter and different sized holographic glitters. It could probably be opaque with a third coat, but I kind of liked it semi-sheer at two coats, and the sheerness isn’t anywhere near as obvious in person because of all the glitter. You know, I think Bar could be my mannequin polish (it looks pretty close to my skin tone, especially in person), if it weren’t a textured  glitter.

As with Zoya’s other PixieDust polishes, Bar is meant to be worn without a top coat and dries to a moderately textured matte finish – rougher than the regular PixieDust polishes, but nowhere near as harsh to the touch as Essie Belugaria. I like it the way it’s meant to be worn, so I didn’t swatch it with top coat added, but I’m sure it’d be amazing with a couple coats glossy top coat, as well. Just be prepared to use a lot of top coat; the chunkiness of the glitter will probably make this polish a thirsty one!

The formula and brush are excellent and super easy to control. It also dries super fast – a definite plus for someone as impatient as me. 😀

Here’s the same polish in the shade (natural light):

Yep, I like this one. It’s got kind of a subtle (nude color) but not-subtle (huge flashy glitters!) look when seen from farther away, and the glittery, sandy color and texture make me think of a sunny day at the beach. :] Fun!


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