Julep January 2015 Maven Box: The Chrysalis Collection, Modern Beauty + add-ons (with promo code)

My Julep Maven January 2015 box came in yesterday! Once again, I opted for the Modern Beauty box, and I have the feeling that’s how things are generally going to go for me from now on, since I’m so saturated with Juleps – and nail polishes in general – that most of their new offerings look pretty similar to something I already have, else the colors are just not so interesting to me that I feel like springing for them.

Meanwhile, the Modern Beauty box contains two full-size beauty products and consistently seems to be the best value, compared to one beauty product and two nail polishes (at 0.27 fl. oz., Juleps are about half a normal-sized 0.5 fl. oz. polish), or three nail polishes.

In any case, here’s what I got this month, packaged nicely in pearly white tissue paper and turquoise paper crinkles:


January 2015 Julep Maven Modern Beauty box ($19.99):

  • Brilliance Glycolic Hand & Body Scrub, 7.3 oz. ($32.00 regular, $25.60 Maven)
  • Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment in Sheer Magenta, 0.42 oz. ($24.00 regular) – the color was our choice
  • A small box of 5 Junior Mints – this month’s freebie (immediately devoured by Mr. ‘Fiend and me :])
  • Bjork – a freebie “Metamorphic Top Coat” Julep offered to Mavens this month – this looks to me like a teal-to-purple dichroic/duochrome topper, and it doesn’t appear to be available on Julep’s website
  • This month’s inspirational quote: “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power inside ourselves.” – J.K. Rowling
  • The Chrysalis Collection description card
  • Promo code for $10 off a Julep.com order of $20+ – TENOFF



  • Margit, a “[m]ushroom with rose shimmer”, $6.99 ($14.00 regular, $11.20 Maven)
  • Luna, a “[l]ight blue duochrome with jagged cut glitter”, $6.99 ($14.00 regular, $11.20 Maven)
  • Orbital Eyeshadow in Borealis (“[c]harcoal with peacock pearlescence”), $9.99 ($18.00 regular, $14.40 Maven)
  • and a bonus freebie for taking three add-ons: Glycolic Hand Scrub, 3 oz. ($23.00 regular, $18.40 Maven)


Happily, the Borealis Orbital Eyeshadow did not disappoint me like Zenith did. The charcoal with teal-to-purple dichroic flash looks pretty spot-on to the promo photo, and the case, like Zenith’s, is sturdy and attractive.


I’ll have to try it sometime to see how it applies, though. I’ve gotten at least one shadow where the duochrome effect on the palette doesn’t translate to the skin. I hope this one doesn’t disappoint!

(UPDATE 1/11/2015: The Luxe Lip in Sheer Magenta has the same yummy sugary frosting scent and glossy finish as the regular Luxe Lip. As advertised, it has a very subtle, sheer tint, so that it looks natural when worn.)



I really liked the bonus freebies with this box. Junior Mints? Excellent choice, Julep. I’m guessing Bjork could turn out similar to Pure Ice Heartbreaker. I’m going to have to compare them side by side sometime! The Glycolic Hand Scrub I already have, but hey, it’d make a great gift.

Best yet? I got this box for free because I traded in my Jules for it. 😀

Overall, great box. I’ll update this post with links when I’ve had a chance to try the products and do some swatches!


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