Zoya Rebel & Essie Peak of Chic

For my first nails of the year, I wanted to do something wintry before the season’s over. I went with Zoya Rebel (from the spring 2014 Awaken collection), two coats, and Essie Peak of Chic (from the winter 2013 Encrusted Treasures collection), about 1.5 coats, applied in a gradient on the ring finger.

This is in full direct sunlight, all topped with Julep Freedom Top Coat, on day two of the manicure (forgive my horribly dry winter skin, please!):

Rebel is an icy-looking, mostly cool-toned sky-blue and silver shimmer/metallic. When I look more carefully in some types of lighting, I can see some flashes of gold in there, too. It was reasonably opaque in two coats for me, but the formula was a little gloopy and took longer than average to dry. The consistency was a bit thicker than optimal, but it was still reasonably workable, and I had no problems with the fairly standard brush.

Peak of Chic is a mixture of matte white and holo silver bar glitter suspended in a clear base. I picked it for this combination thinking it might look reminiscent of snow, as I’m guessing from the name that Essie intended, but I’m still a bit lukewarm on the bar glitter. I don’t hate it, but in the end, it makes me think more furry Yeti than snow. I guess that’s all right. It looks okay over Rebel, but I may have to brainstorm some more to figure out a better way to use this polish. Maybe over a shimmery white or some kind of silver for Yeti/tinsel nails? The formula is slightly thick, as many glitter suspensions are, but it’s not too hard to work with. I almost wish the glitter density was higher to give a truly furry look with fewer coats, though. It dries relatively quickly.

As often happens with Julep’s Freedom top coat, I had some pretty noticeable shrinkage when it dried, causing the weird lines in the polish and visible tip wear by the second day. Drat. I think shrinkage has been a bit more drastic now that my bottle is nearing empty, maybe because the consistency may be getting a bit thicker. I’m guessing more care may be needed to thickly wrap the nail tips and deliberately cover more surface area than the polish itself when the bottle runs low. I’d thought I’d top-coated all the areas I painted, but maybe that wasn’t enough.

I think I still got the wintry look I was going for, though, so I’m reasonably satisfied. Rebel’s a great color and totally up my alley. I’m still looking for Dillon, the minty green from the same collection, though. If I ever catch that one on clearance (like Rebel is at Ulta right now) or sale, I’ll nab it for sure. :]


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