Lupicia Tea 2015 Happy Bag

Happy 2015!

New Year’s means Lupicia has their annual Happy Bags – a mystery bag of tea advertised to be worth double the price you pay – for sale again! This year, they had a $30 bag worth $60 and a $50 bag worth $100. I picked up the $50 bag at our local store, and this is what I got:

The total value of this bag came out to $89.00. Hmm. Maybe my bag was missing an item? It’s under the guaranteed $100 value by $11, which is about the price of a loose-leaf tea packet. I’ll probably go back to the store and check with them, just in case.

It’s a nice selection of tea, though. I’ll update this post when I’ve gone back to the store to check if I got all the contents they intended.

(UPDATE 1/8/2015: I did go back to the store and double check with them, and I did get everything I was supposed to have. :] Thanks to reader Lana D. for sending me the correct link to the 50g loose leaf bag of Oriental Beauty – I corrected the list price from $12.00 to $24.00. That brings the total value of the bag to $101.00, not $89.00. :D)

Again, happy New Year!


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    1. Thanks for the heads up! I did check with the store, and I got everything I was supposed to, so it makes sense that I may have misidentified the loose leaf packets. I’ll double check and update my post. Thanks again!

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