Sephora by OPI S-age is Just a Number

S-age is Just a Number is from Sephora's Spice Market collection from fall 2012, and it's since been discontinued (when the Sephora by OPI polishes were completely replaced by Sephora's current Formula X line last year), but it's still one of my favorite gold polishes. I hear it's pretty close to Chanel Peridot, but I don't own... Continue Reading →


Zoya Magical PixieDust Bar

This week's swatch is Zoya Bar from their summer 2014 Magical PixieDust collection, the same collection Arlo (another lovely polish) is from. I picked this up in a BOGO sale Zoya had a few months back. I'm kind of sad that Zoya's discontinuing their PixieDust polishes this year, but at least they had some good clearance sales... Continue Reading →

Zoya Rebel & Essie Peak of Chic

For my first nails of the year, I wanted to do something wintry before the season's over. I went with Zoya Rebel (from the spring 2014 Awaken collection), two coats, and Essie Peak of Chic (from the winter 2013 Encrusted Treasures collection), about 1.5 coats, applied in a gradient on the ring finger. This is in... Continue Reading →

Lupicia Tea 2015 Happy Bag

Happy 2015! New Year's means Lupicia has their annual Happy Bags - a mystery bag of tea advertised to be worth double the price you pay - for sale again! This year, they had a $30 bag worth $60 and a $50 bag worth $100. I picked up the $50 bag at our local store, and this... Continue Reading →

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