Julep December 2014 Maven Box: The Countdown Collection, Modern Beauty (with promo code)

I finally got my December Julep Maven box in the mail yesterday! I haven’t had much time to polish my nails lately, with how busy I’ve been, so I decided to go with the Modern Beauty box this month. Here’s what I got:


The Modern Beauty December 2014 Julep box, which came in two boxes (the eyeshadow shipping separately, for some reason), and wrapped in gold-flecked white tissue paper and purple paper crinkles:

  • Orbital Eyeshadow – I went with Zenith, the bronze/gold color (“[c]ocoa with gold pearlescence”)
  • Blank Canvas mattifying eye primer
  • The Countdown Collection description card, which included no extra discount codes this month
  • This month’s quote card: “No one looks stupid when they’re having fun.” – Amy Poehler
  • 30% off code – THIRTYOFF, and
  • 2 Red Bird Southern Refresh-Mints, the old-fashioned, chalky kind you sometimes get at restaurants – Mr. ‘Fiend and I ate them right away :]


And the add-ons I picked this month:

  • Stroke of Midnight set, with Kristy (“[m]idnight blue crème” – the blue’s so dark, it looks almost black!) and Amira (“[s]ilver chunky holographic glitter top coat” – so pretty)
  • Silk Effect Top Coat because I love Julep’s silk finish polishes and wanted to try this out, and
  • Gel Eye Glider Sharpener (the funny oblong black-and-silver thing next to the peppermint candies) because, maybe because I use makeup so rarely, I actually didn’t have a good eye pencil sharpener yet, and this one’s got a cap for catching the shavings!

Because I picked up three add-ons, I also got a Blank Canvas plumping lip primer as a freebie. Nice!

I’m so glad that nothing was missing from my box this time. I hope this means Julep’s new distribution center is up to speed and can now handle orders competently!

Here’s the Orbital Eyeshadow in all its opened glory. It arrived in perfect condition, and the plastic case (which has a mirror set in the lid!) feels sturdy and well made, though the clasp is a bit stiff. I suppose that’s a good thing, since that means it’ll likely stay securely closed in a bag! The color’s, sadly, not as saturated of an orange gold-bronze as I’d expected from Julep’s promo pics (it’s a more muted golden color, like in the photo I posted below), but I’m still pretty excited to try it out.


I know I haven’t been posting swatches as much lately – been too busy with work and planning for ‘Fiend Jr.’s impending arrival to polish nails – but I’ll have some time over the holidays, and I’m planning on posting a comparison between the matte and silk finish top coats sometime in the near future. :]


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