Nicole by OPI Gumdrops My Cherry Amour

I’ve had this polish sitting around untried for a while, and I have no idea why I’d never gotten around to wearing it. It’s amazing! I finally ended up trying it out because I wore a black dress for a friend’s wedding and wanted something bright and contrasting to keep my ensemble from looking too heavy.

I love textured polishes, and this one’s a fantastic one with a semi-sheer berry-colored (pink/purple) jelly base and a relatively fine texture (similar to, though maybe a tad coarser than, Zoya PixieDust) mixed with a fine holo glitter. My photos don’t quite capture it, but the holo effect is fantastic and really gives off a subtle, scattered rainbow sparkle throughout. The base dries a nice, squishy-looking semi-matte in the way of jellies, without dampening the shiny of the glitter.

Here’s two coats of Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour from the Gumdrops line, no top coat, photographed in outdoor natural light:

Something about the color made it impossible for me to photograph correctly – at least on my phone, which I use for most of my swatch photos. The color looks almost hot pink in the photo, but in life, the color is more like what you see in the bottom of the bottle, toward the bottom right corner of the above image. It’s bluer toned, purpler – kind of an intense raspberry jam color.

Here’s another shot in natural light:



Again, it wouldn’t come out as anything but neon rose in my photos, but I promise you it was purpler and a bit deeper in life. The formula is flawless, and even with the fat OPI brush that I find a tad clumsy to use on my smallish nails, I had no problems applying it easily. No complaints about anything regarding this polish, seriously. It’s so juicy-looking that it really cheered me up whenever I caught sight of my nails during the day.

Here’s another shot in the shade, again in natural light, though it still came out neon:

I also tried indoor artificial light, as well as my iPad and my real camera, but the color just will not photograph right! I suppose I could color correct in Photoshop, but it’s not the same. Ah, well. You’ll just have to take my word for it – go by the bottle color in my top photo, bottom right corner. :]

I think this color is still readily available in stores, and it’s not particularly new (or in-season) at this point, so it should be easy to find it on clearance or at a significant discount. I bought my bottle for $3.99 at an Ulta. Totally worth it.


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