SpaRitual Intuition

Today’s catch-up day, since I’ve been neglecting the blog so much.

Another quickie. Here’s three coats SpaRitual Intuition from the Illuminate collection (last year’s holiday collection), topped with one coat Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

Direct sunlight:

In shade (natural light:

Intuition is a somewhat sheer grape-candy purple with dense glass-fleck shimmer that shifts from magenta to blue, depending on the angle and lighting. Reasonably opaque (though not completely so) in three coats, and I’m sure it’d be awesome over black or another dark base color. Lovely. No complaints about the formula or the brush, which is fairly standard (non-wide). I like the rubbery grips on the SpaRitual caps, which make polishing extra easy. I also noticed that this polish is less smelly than most other polishes, which I appreciate because I have a sensitive sniffer like a dog’s.

SpaRitual’s polishes typically go for $12 a bottle, though I snagged this one on clearance for maybe half that. I only own a couple SpaRitual polishes at the moment, but so far, I’ve found they’re a great value for the quality of polish.


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