Julep September 2014 Maven Box: The Art Walk Collection, Girl on the Go (with promo codes)

I haven’t gotten a Julep Maven box since June, but I decided to get this month’s box because I had enough Jules to get my box for free this time, and I’m in the market for a good dry shampoo. :] It came in today, wrapped in navy-blue paper crinkles and pearlescent charcoal tissue paper.


I went with this month’s Girl on the Go box, which included:

  • Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo,
  • Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil,
  • Freedom Polymer Top Coat, and
  • a bonus mystery polish color

The paper inserts included a quote from modern-art master Henri Matisse: “Creativity takes courage.” Good one. They also included two perk promo codes:

  • PLUSHPOUT for 30% off the new Plush Pout Lip Crayons and
  • JULEPPERK for 30% off a Julep order, two uses per customer.


I also picked up three add-ons, for which Julep promised a surprise beauty freebie:

  • Kirby, a “[s]ilver jagged glitter top coat,”
  • Chloe, a “[w]arm cocoa frost,” and
  • Fifi, a “[t]ea time pink creme.”

To my sadness, though, Fifi wasn’t in my box. I sent off a quick e-mail to customer support and hope they get back to me on that. 😦


I did get some freebie polishes, though. I don’t know which polishes are the “bonus mystery polish color” from the Girl on the Go box, the freebie from ordering three add-ons, and whether one of them is the monthly freebie that usually comes with Julep Maven boxes, but here they are:

  • Candace, a “[g]olden chocolate microglitter,”
  • Eliana, a “[s]oft denim crème,”
  • Daria, a “[d]ark slate grey crème,” and
  • Kendra, an “[a]rmy green frost.”

Daria and Kendra are duplicates for me, which is fine because they’d make great gifts or backups. :]


You know, I’ve stuck with Julep a long time and am trying not to lose faith in the company, as I know they’re going through some growing pains right now. CEO Jane Park sent out an apology letter on August 19th apologizing for mistakes in orders and such, due to transitioning to a new fulfillment center to ship merchandise:

Hi all,

Things have been a little crazy here at Julep lately. This last quarter has been really exciting for us with the launch of the Plié and an unexpected growth spurt, but I can’t even put in words how much we care about the customer support and shipping challenges we’ve had as a result. It absolutely breaks my heart to think that those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning and know how hard we’ve worked to delight our Mavens could read these recent challenges as us caring less as we grow. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Believe me, I share your passion to have things be different NOW. Frustratingly, sometimes the changes we make for the better in the long term take one or two cycles to get right. So, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what we’re doing behind the scenes to make a difference as quickly as we possibly can…

First, we’ve taken on additional office space and more than doubled our Customer Service team. In addition, although moving our fulfillment to Ohio will ultimately result in faster delivery across the entire country, setting up new processes with new people is never smooth from the get go. I’m incredibly pained by the orders that were shipped late and not right – but I can promise you that we’ve invested many sleepless nights in making it MUCH better next time.

I truly apologize to those of you who were impacted by the outrageously unacceptable hold times as well as delays and errors in shipping. I can promise you that we’re listening, that I am finding the right leaders (like our new Chief Delivery Officer, Dwight Gaston) to own ongoing planning for the future, and that we’re doing everything possible to be able to delight you better every day.

Jane Park
Julep CEO & Founder

As a customer, I certainly appreciate the insight and effort to communicate, but I’m also still disappointed by the much slower shipping, not very responsive customer service, mistakes in orders, and overall recent changes, like increased add-on prices and what I subjectively feel are less exciting monthly collections and mystery boxes. I know it takes time to train new employees and business partners, but given that the letter went out August 19 and the problems have been going on longer than that, I’m taken aback that the problems are still ongoing three weeks later. I think I’m a pretty understanding customer, especially since I’ve had experience running a small business and know how hard it can be, but even I’m starting to feel a little discouraged. 😦

I guess I’ll wait and see what customer service says and what October’s selection is like. I loved last October’s collection, and maybe this October’s will convince me to order again.


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