7-day Jamberry challenge results

As part of the Jamberry party activities, our consultant encouraged us to take on the “7-day Jamberry challenge” after receiving our Jamberry nail wrap samples. The challenge involves applying a Jamberry nail wrap to an accent nail and painting the rest of your nails with polish, then checking on the results in seven days.

Here’s day seven of last week’s nails (two coats Revlon Elusive, topped with one coat Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, on all fingers except for the ring finger, which uses a Jamberry Black & White Chevron nail wrap), with day one below it for comparison:

Truth be told, that the polished nails won out in my case is more likely a testament to the amazing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, and maybe also that I used a sturdy glitter polish, than anything else. If I’d tried Jamberry before discovering this top coat, the results may have been much different.

Both held up pretty well, but the Jamberry definitely started showing some significant tip wear, more so than the polish. You can’t really see it in these pictures, but by the fifth day, I was having a teensy bit of lifting all along the tip of the wrap, and by the seventh day, the slightly flappy edge was starting to annoy me. For better wrapped tips, my friend Lily, who’s hosting the Jamberry party, suggested trying the flatiron method (which she said works well for her) or using a plastic bag to seal down the wrap while heating for a tighter bond at the nail tips. Our Jamberry consultant, Katie, also suggested that filing away the worn tip could allow for a few more days of wear. I haven’t tried either of these methods myself, but if I try Jamberry wraps again, I may give them a shot.

Interestingly enough, the little bubble on the side really didn’t detract from the durability of the wrap at all, and I had no lifting issues from that edge. It was mostly just the tip that wore away, which seems like reasonable wear and tear to me, especially given that my nails typically take a pretty good beating. In fact, one thumb and one pinky (not pictured) had noticeably chipped polish, again from emphatic piano playing, so the lacquered nails didn’t remain wholly unscathed, either.

Day seven (top) versus day one again (bottom), from another angle, to better examine tip wear:

As for removal of the Jamberry wrap, I was actually able to very gently and gradually peel off the entire wrap without soaking in hot water or oil and without any nail damage whatsoever – easy! After a week, the wrap was still on reasonably securely, but I think it was on its way to being ready to come off, so that worked out nicely in my case. (The recommended method is soaking in oil (e.g., vegetable oil) and gradually peeling the wrap away with a dental flosser.)

For now, I may just stick to my beloved lacquer. The nail wraps are definitely fun in their own way, but the act of painting is so soothing to me and way more cost effective that it’s hard to talk myself into making the extra $15 investment per Jamberry sheet.

Have any of you tried Jamberry, and what do you think of them?


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