Julep Faye, with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

So far, I’ve been having pretty good results with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, so I’m giving it a try with a non-Sally-Hansen polish this time, Julep Faye.

Faye was introduced in last July’s Maven box (Boho Glam profile), and at the time, I wasn’t interested in it. I think I may have compared it to poo when I initially described the color to my sisters, but I’m sorry about that, and I take it back! 🙂 It’s actually a fascinating color that changes quite a bit in different lighting, and it looks much better in person than in photos.

Check it out. Here’s two coats of color and one coat of top coat in outdoor direct sunlight:

Julep describes Faye as a “[l]iquid bronze shimmer.” It does look bronze to me sometimes and shimmers obviously in brighter light, like in the previous photo. In more subdued light, though, the golden shimmer is actually pretty muted, so that the color comes off as almost a cafe-mocha brown creme, with just a hint of underlying yellowish glimmer:

…but it really glows in straight-up direct sunlight. The underlying brown looks much milder and creamier in brighter light, and the golden shimmer takes over.

The transformation is pretty startling and difficult to capture on camera, but I hope these photos give you something of an idea of how weird and cool this color turned out to be. :]

I had no problems whatsoever with the formula or brush, and it had an average dry time. The Miracle Gel Top Coat brush did pick up some of the nail color when I swiped it over Faye, though, despite the polish feeling dry to the touch. That’s the one thing that’s a bit annoying about the top coat, though it’s easily fixed by wiping off the brush on a tissue. It also quickly dries to a marvelous shine and has great wear, so I guess I can forgive that particular peccadillo.

Random story about Faye – I actually got this bottle as a gift from my sister, who spotted Julep’s Jane Park at a Julep booth set up at a conference for women in engineering last year. They chatted for a little bit and my sister told Jane how all three of us sisters are Julep Mavens. It sounds like Jane was delighted, especially because she also comes from a family with three girls, and she gave us three freebie polishes to share. ❤ That was really sweet of her. Anyway, that’s how Faye wound up in my collection, despite my mistaken lack of appreciation for the color at first.

Like last time, I’ll update this post next week to tell you how well it did over the week!

UPDATE 8/13/14: This manicure endured pretty well and since I was too busy to play the piano, it only suffered one chip on the left thumb after about five days. Tip wear showed more obviously on these nails because of the darker polish, but it was relatively minimal. When I removed the polish yesterday, it still looked presentable, other than the left thumb chip.

I think the results are pretty conclusive at this point: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat really does work just as well with non-Miracle-Gel polishes!


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