Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Work of Tart, with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

Today’s swatch is Sally Hansen Work of Tart, from the Sugar Shimmer collection. I wanted to try out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat with a non-Miracle-Gel polish, to see if I’d get the same excellent durability, so I used the top coat over Work of Tart.

Here’s two coats Work of Tart and one coat Miracle Gel Top Coat in direct sunlight:

Work of Tart is a textured, somewhat sheer teal jelly with a fine, pearly chartreuse shimmer and slightly chunkier iridescent shimmer scattered throughout. The result is an interesting multidimensional polish that doesn’t quite look like what you’d expect from the bottle, and its appearance shifts depending on the angle and lighting.

Official bottle shot. (Source:, source page linked to image.)

Here’s another angle to better show the green-gold underlying shimmer, again in direct sunlight:

Sometimes, the color and the way the shimmer caught the light really reminded me of water, especially when the greenish shimmer came up through the bluer semi-sheer teal jelly. It was unexpectedly pretty. My photos don’t quite do it justice. Here’s another photo in indirect light, where I think it’s slightly easier to see the complexity in the color:

The formula is a little sheer, the way jellies are, but it built up to a reasonable opacity on the second coat. The flexible, medium-width, flat-tipped brush was easy to use – much better than the Miracle Gel nail color brush I wrote about last time. Work of Tart also dries really fast, which is a bonus.

Official bottle shot. (Source:, source page linked to image.)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat went on smoothly, and as I expected, it dried super fast when I went out into the sun for just a few minutes. I definitely recommend using this top coat indoors while the sun is still out, so you can quickly cure it in the sun. It speeds up the drying process a ton, compared to when I used the same top coat at night!

With Work of Tart, I didn’t see any color transfer on the top coat brush. The top coat brush, by the way, is way superior to the Miracle Gel nail color brush. It’s flexible, wide, and round-tipped, and not as bulky and mop-like as the Miracle Gel nail color brush, with clear plastic bristles.

One coat definitely didn’t smooth out the texture in the polish, but the gloss brought out the shimmer nicely. After these photos, I added a second coat, which still didn’t smooth out the texture, as this top coat isn’t particularly thick. I like that there’s no shrinkage with this one, though, which gives it some points over Seche Vite and Julep Freedom.

Like last time, I’ll update this post again toward the one-week mark, so I can tell you how well this combo survived. Until then!

UPDATE 8/6/14: A week later, just like with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel B-Girl, my nail polish was virtually like new, with no significant tip wear and chips only on my thumbs and right pinky, where I wrecked my nails playing the piano again. Looks like the Miracle Gel Top Coat works just as well with non-Miracle-Gel polishes! Work of Tart and the Miracle Gel Top Coat soaked off together in 3 minutes. Pretty fast!


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