Orly Smolder & Revlon I’m Electro

I guess I wasn’t surprised that my Independence Day nails chipped quickly, since Milani polishes don’t seem very durable on me. Milani White took a beating almost as soon as I put it on and looked pretty bad by the second day, so I had to redo all of my nails except for the accent nails.

Here’s Orly Smolder (two coats) on the index finger and pinky and Revlon I’m Electro (three coats) on the middle finger. (I wrote about my accent nail in my last post – it’s two coats Julep Savoy with one coat Julep Fireworks and one coat Julep Diamond Theory.) All nails topped with Julep Freedom top coat and photographed in natural light:

Orly Smolder is a beautifully rich, deep cherry-red shimmer. I rarely go for red nail polishes, probably because red usually strikes me as being a boringly ordinary nail polish color, but I really like this one. It’s got a lot of dimension, and the formula is fantastic, almost opaque in one coat. I kind of wish I had a car this color; it reminds me of the Iron Man suit. Smolder is from Orly’s fall 2012 Fired Up collection.

Revlon I’m Electro is from Revlon’s Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in collection earlier this year, which introduced a surprisingly attractive spread of mildly dichroic (duochrome) polishes. I’m Electro is an interesting not-quite-aqua blue shimmer/metallic with a mild purplish-blue shift. It veritably glows in sunlight and applies great, though it takes three coats for full opacity.

Both of these are great colors. Now, I’m kind of tempted to go hunting from some of the other Spider-Man polishes that I wasn’t able to find earlier, especially since they apparently look extra amazing over black.

Happy Sunday!


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