Happy Independence Day!

I went for a sort of glittery graffiti/paint-splatter effect for Independence Day:

In natural light:

Ring: Julep Savoy (desaturated gold chrome, two coats), Julep Fireworks (sparse coverage silver, red, and blue multi-sized glitters in a clear base; one coat), Julep Diamond Theory (dense coverage gold and copper multi-sized glitters in a clear base, one thin coat)

The rest: Milani White (stark white creme, three coats), Julep Fireworks (one coat), Julep Diamond Theory (one thin coat), Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Rosey Shooter (sparse coverage red and white multi-sized hex, round, and bar glitters in a clear base; one coat)

I had some difficulty with both Savoy, which was brush-streaky but covered well enough in two coats, and White, which was thin enough to be drippy and applied patchily but seemed a little too thick to even out nicely. It was hard to make either look good on its own. The glitter polishes applied easily and swipe-dabbed on like typical glitters, though. All of them were sparse and best used as toppers, except for Diamond Theory, which can probably be reasonably opaque in two or three coats. I like how it looks over Savoy, even without the other glitters layered over it.

Truth is, I wasn’t planning on painting my nails again yet, but it turns out Julep’s new Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat doesn’t defend so well against staining, so I had to cover them up in a hurry. Boo. :[

Jennine’s vibrant teal from this past week stained my nails something fierce on the thumb, middle, and pinky fingers, on which I’d used Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat underneath. I used my usual combination of Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Olive Growth and Orly Bonder on the clean nails (index and ring), and the difference is clear as day. Unfortunately, this means Julep’s new base probably won’t go into my go-to rotation, since it’ll be reserved for use with light-colored Juleps. Such a shame.

Anyway, just thought I’d give you all the heads up that Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat doesn’t seem to guard very well against staining. It did fine bonding the color to the nail, though, with relatively minimal chipping after a week of wear. Did you have better results?

Happy Fourth!


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