Face-off: Julep Jennine vs. Nicole by OPI Gumdrops That’s What I Mint

I didn’t realize it until I saw  Julep Jennine in person, but as soon as I held the bottle in my hand, I realized that it really reminded me of Nicole by OPI That’s What I Mint from the Gumdrops line. My gel manicure happened to suffer a bit of a mishap at work yesterday, so it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to go ahead and do a face-off.

Both shades are pretty true to how they look in the bottle. That’s What I Mint is visibly greener/yellower than Jennine. If you don’t look carefully, though, they’re similar enough to be mistaken for the same polish. Both colors are teal textured glitters with flecks of blue, green, and purple.


(UPDATE 7/23/14: My bad. I posted it on Instagram, then forgot to tell you in the blog post which colors are on which fingers! Jennine is on my middle and pinky fingers, and That’s What I Mint is on my ring and index fingers. Thanks for catching that, Joanna!)

Two coats each, no top coat, natural light (wow, did my skin actually learn to tan this year?):

Another angle that shows the color differences slightly better:

You can maybe see the difference a bit better on my right hand, since I applied thinner coats with my less-dominant hand:

Jennine is also slightly chunkier in texture than That’s What I Mint. Otherwise, they’re pretty close – close enough that I wouldn’t necessarily notice unless I was actively searching for differences. Jennine is a tad sheerer on the first coat, but both have easy-to-apply, fast-drying formulas that cover opaquely in two coats. They both dry semi-matte, which I like. I’m willing to bet money that both these colors would be amazing with glossy top coat, though.

My final verdict? Though they’re not exactly the same color, they’re similar enough overall that you probably don’t need both. The NOPI color is the more economical choice, of course, at 15 mL/0.5 fl. oz. for around $8-9 full price at my local CVS (easily cheaper on sale or with a coupon), whereas the Julep is 8 mL/0.27 fl. oz. for $14 full price ($11.20 if you’re a Maven).

By the way? Removing gel polish is such a royal pain! D: Honestly, I think that’s the primary reason I haven’t started doing my own gel manicures yet. It’s going to be regular nail polish for me for now.


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    1. Oh, man, you’re totally right that I forgot to mention it in the post! I included it for my Instagram posts and forgot to include it in the blog post as well. I’ve added it just now. Thanks so much for catching that!

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