ibd Just Gel Polish Siberian Minx

I don’t normally swatch gel polish because I don’t normally use it, but since I got a gel manicure for a friend’s wedding last weekend, I figure I may as well post a swatch for the reference pleasure of the Internets.

This is ibd Just Gel Polish Siberian Minx, from ibd’s Haute Frost collection, which is “[i]nspired by royal Russian winters, elaborate frocks and plush furs.” Two coats in these photos, indirect natural light. (I got this done at the salon, so it’s not my own work this time.)

Siberian Minx is a sheer base densely packed with pale, almost-silver gold shimmer. True to its “plush furs” inspiration, the color really strikes me as the shade of warmed silver-gray I associate with timberwolf fur. Unless you’re looking at my nails up close, like in these photos, it’s actually not that easy to tell it’s sheer because the dense sparkle provides pretty good coverage. I can’t speak as to the formula or anything, since I didn’t do it myself, but the manicurist didn’t seem to have any issues with it.

Also, my manicurist complimented me on my last manicure when she removed it, and I felt all flattered that a nail professional thought I painted my own nails well. She was flabbergasted that I never trim my cuticles, though.

I think I may be an odd beast because I actually don’t really like getting salon manicures/pedicures all that much because of the trimming and pushing. I enjoy the soaking and massage parts of the process, but all the trimming and scraping makes my fingers and toes sore for a couple days afterward. I also find that my cuticles tend to crack and peel if messed with at all, either by me or a trained professional, even if I put on my usual cuticle oil and balm afterward. I’ve only ever gotten two professional mani/pedis in my entire lifetime (once for my own wedding and this time for my friend’s wedding), each at different, well regarded salons, and I had the same discomfort both times. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, though, I do have exceptionally sensitive skin with dry patches and eczema, even with careful skin care, so that could be it. My friends who came with me didn’t have my experience, so I certainly don’t blame the nail techs. I don’t blame it on anyone but my own irritable skin.

Also, at least half of the reason I paint my nails at all is because I enjoy the painting part, so there’s generally not much incentive for me to pay someone else to do it for me. :]

Anyway, I may not repaint my nails for a while because I figured I should get the most out of the salon service that I spent $45 + tip on, so it might be a little while until my next swatch post. We’ll see how long I can go without needing a change of color!


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