Essie Full Steam Ahead

I’ve had Essie Full Steam Ahead for almost a year and kept forgetting to try it out. It’s from Essie’s summer 2013 collection.

Here’s two coats topped with Julep Freedom top coat, indoor incandescent light:

Full Steam Ahead is a fairly neutral, medium lavender with a subtle iridescent shimmer. Essie describes it as “pearlescent,” but I think the glitter grain’s not quite fine enough to give it pearly look. In any case, it’s a beautiful color. The faint iridescent sparkle showed up a bit better before I added top coat, but with top coat, the polish tends to look like a creme unless you look really hard.

In indirect natural light on the second day:

The formula on this polish is pretty good, if a teensy bit on the thick side. It was a little slow to self-level on the first coat but was mostly pretty even on the second go. I had to apply a little carefully to keep layers from being too thick and lumpy. Otherwise, it was pretty easy to work with.

I really enjoyed wearing this color, somehow. I’m usually tired of a polish a day or two in, but I didn’t get tired of this one during the week.

Durability is good, too. With my usual underlayer of Orly Bonder, I had hardly any noticeable wear for about four days, until I decided to assemble a table and chipped it in a lot of places. Still, not bad for how rough I was on it. It’s still mostly intact, except for chipping at the tips and a little on the sides.

That means it’s time to swatch a new color! I’ll be back when I decide which. :]


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