Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Sugar Cloud

I’ve had Sally Hansen Sugar Cloud sitting around for a while and finally felt like trying it out. Sugar Cloud is from the Sugar Shimmer series, which is full of candy-colored, textured, sparkly jellies and seems similar, if not identical, to the Sugar Coat polishes they seem to have replaced. (In fact, I accidentally called it a Sugar Coat polish on my Instagram. Oops.) I also picked up Work of Tart, a teal from the same series, and I may swatch that in the future.

Here’s three coats of Sugar Cloud, topped with Julep Freedom top coat, in full sunlight:

It was actually pretty shiny on its own (though there’s more of that delectable squishy jelly look), but the extra gloss from the top coat really made the shimmer pop.

As you can see, it’s still pretty darn sheer after three coats. At one coat, it kind of just looked like my nails were sparkly and discolored. At two coats, it still looked mostly like my hands were too cold. At three coats, it finally started to look sort of blue. It’d probably look better with a few more coats, but I decided to stop at three.

In the shade, natural light:

Sugar Cloud is a sheer powder-blue textured jelly packed full of dichroic pink-to-gold sparkle. It looks cooler-toned in the bottle (below), but at this opacity, it looks a bit warmer on me. Makes me think of a swimming pool on a sunny day.

This is what the color looks like in the bottle – much cooler toned. (Image from, referral link.)

The bottle’s instructions say to apply two thin layers, so it looks like it’s meant to be sheer, but the color didn’t look flattering that way on my nails. It’s acceptable at three coats, though, and the sandy, sugary texture still comes through, even with a coat of sparkle-enhancing glossy top coat.

Another angle, with varying focus levels to better show the pink/gold sparkle (yep, I’m dehydrated and grossly wrinkly in this photo – ignore that!):

The formula dries fast and is easy to work with. No complaints there.

I really like Sugar Cloud’s color, but I think I might like it even better if it were more opaque. Good news is, with Orly Bonder, it seems to stand up to quite a bit of wear so far, and I have hardly a chip on the third day. Not bad.


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