Julep Laree & Saaya, plus Plie Wand review

Over this past weekend – at a childhood friend’s bachelorette party, no less – I had a chance to try out my Julep May 2014 Bombshell box nail polish colors, Laree (“[g]olden pink taffeta shimmer) and Saaya (“[g]olden apricot shimmer”).

This is two coats of each (Laree on the index and pinky, Saaya on the middle and ring), topped with Julep Freedom top coat, in natural light:

I’m not sure why it looks like there’s a wrinkle on the ring finger nail, but it was smooth in person.

Another angle to better show the subtle warm gold shimmer in both colors:

Laree is a juicy-looking pink that reminds me of strawberry candy. Saaya similarly reminds me of a peach smoothie or sorbet. Both have a lovely understated gold shimmer that, like many Julep polishes, isn’t immediately obvious but does wonders for adapting the base shade to different skin tones and outfits. I’m a big fan of the glowiness of both colors from certain angles, thanks to that embedded shimmer.

These two polishes have similar formulas that are workable but, unfortunately, not the best. They’re a bit on the thick and chalky side, which doesn’t make for the smoothest or easiest application, though they do dry relatively quickly. They’re both reasonably even and opaque in two coats if you brush them on carefully, but Saaya was still mildly patchy and probably could have used a third coat for good measure.

One of my friends also brought a bunch of her Julep colors, including the Boho Glam set for May with the “[g]olden lilac tulle shimmer” polish, Paulette, which I’d almost picked up as an add-on and now sort of wish I had!


A bunch of us did try the new Plie Wand, though. I’m not sure the longer handle made much of difference in control for me, but some of the girls felt it was helpful, especially for painting toenails. The wand handle was comfortable to hold, but I had to screw the polish cap completely closed and remove the wand each time I took a break, since the wand unbalances the bottle. I guess that’s the trade-off.

Also, as I suspected in my last post, the attached brush cap couldn’t be easily removed without screwing the cap onto a polish bottle for leverage. We ended up having to pop the brush off the pre-inserted cap, then screw the brush-less cap onto a polish bottle to remove it. After that, it was a cinch to swap between caps.

I’ll update my thoughts on the wand if I have any stronger feelings after using it some more.


7 thoughts on “Julep Laree & Saaya, plus Plie Wand review

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  1. I am working on a blog post about the Plie as well and needed to search how others were feeling about it. I actually didn’t find it super helpful either so, glad I wasn’t the only one! I am going to let a few friends try it out and see how they like it. It may be that since I do my nails so frequently (every night pretty much) I just have trained hands but didn’t think about the benefits of a pedi for some reason so I am glad you pointed that out! 🙂 I also love the way the polish looks on you, I have yet to get any Julep to work well for me which is super unfortunate because the bottle shape and the colors are awesome. Oh well, we will see how it all goes, I am not giving up on it yet!

  2. Exactly! My friends who felt the wand was helpful don’t paint their nails nearly as often, so maybe it made more of a difference for them. One friend especially liked it for her non-dominant hand, so I guess it worked as advertised for her. Maybe it’s like training wheels on bikes.

    Thanks very much! Just curious, what’s been giving you issues with your Juleps? Is it the durability or the formula?

    1. Both actually. Like it streaks when it goes on and second coat is wierd, like thicker on part of the nail and thin and streaky on the rest. I have to very carefully go over the first coat with a skilled hand to evenly distribute. Takes forever to dry which is a formula issue and then it lasts for literally half a day before rubs. LOL ok, I guess I really don’t like it. I am posting my review tomorrow and have pics so you can see what I mean kind of. What is your fave polish brand? Mine is Essie and Deborah Lippmann mostly. OPI isn’t my fave but is my “go-to” 🙂

      1. Thanks, I’ll go check out your post!

        I’m not sure I have a favorite brand, actually. I have loads of polishes from all different brands, and I like some from each. :]

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