Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Chartreuse Chase, Zoya Louise, and Milani Sugar Rush

As soon as I saw Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Chartreuse Chase at the drugstore, I knew I’d have to pick it up. I love the creamy almost-neon, almost-pastel yellow-green with subtle cyan shimmer.

Here’s day 2 in natural light, three coats of Chartreuse Chase (except for the ring finger, which I’ll talk about later), topped with Julep Freedom top coat:

Chartreuse Chase needed three coats because it goes on a bit patchy in the first two, but it does dry really fast, like its name suggests, so slapping on three layers isn’t that bad. The brush is wide with a rounded tip and workable, but it felt a bit clumsy for precise application. One weird quirk of this polish: the shimmer was very visible when I first applied it, but I’m now on day four of this manicure, and I feel like the cyan shimmer’s gotten less and less visible. I’m not exactly sure why. The color hasn’t otherwise faded, though. Any ideas? Is it my top coat?

My ring finger has on Zoya Louise, a chocolate brown creme/crelly from the fall 2013 Cashmeres & Satins collection (on the Cashmeres side), as well as Milani Sugar Rush, which is a new Gold Label glitter topper introduced this spring, comprising a clear base with medium holo and pastel matte hex glitters in silver, peach, light yellow-green, and yellow. I was thinking of Easter chocolate when I picked these colors, natch. Yum!

Both of these polishes have more typical brushes that are smaller and flat-tipped. Louise is great and glides on super smooth, covering completely in two coats. Sugar Rush is cute but a bit more of a pain to apply. I definitely needed to dab and deliberately place glitters to get an even distribution. Because Sugar Rush needed extra manipulation, it actually melted and smudged Louise underneath while I was pushing glitters around, so I had to redo that one. Just fair warning!


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