Julep Kessie

Julep described Kessie as their “duochrome homage” to the 2014 Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. Sephora calls it a “metallic orchid.” I’m not entirely sure I’d call Kessie a duochrome or a metallic exactly, but it is shimmery and does have the quality of appearing more violet or more magenta, depending on the angle. The shimmer also seems to mildly shift from pink to a peachy gold, but it’s hard to see on the nail.

This is two coats with Julep Freedom top coat, in indirect natural light, on the second day:

The formula is very sheer, so in two coats, you can still see the nail line underneath. I’m guessing a third layer might fix that, considering how much the second coat built up from the first, almost invisible coat. I was a little dismayed at first when I saw how sheer the first layer came out, but the second pass really made a dramatic difference. I can also see how Kessie’s transparency creates that glow-from-within sense of depth to the color, so I’m not complaining.

You can see a tiny hint of the peachy gold from this angle, when the light hits the shimmer just right. It’s very subtle, though.

Meanwhile, the cooler violet tones show up more in shadow, probably because that’s when the pink shimmer isn’t stealing the show.

It’s true Kessie doesn’t have the spectacular color shift of the flashier types of polishes I generally prefer, but this subdued shift provides that interesting chameleon effect I’ve mentioned before, allowing the color to adapt to match the colors around it. It’s definitely got that signature Julep subtlety to it.

Well, this isn’t a typical color I’d go for, but I like it, and it’s a nice, bright spring color. I also don’t have anything else quite like it in my stash. Overall, thumbs up.


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