Julep Cameron

This week, I’ve been wearing Julep Cameron, the Stardust finish polish from my Julep Maven February 2014 Boho Glam monthly box.

This is one coat on all fingers, except for the index finger, on which I tried two coats without much difference, no top coat, in natural light:

Cameron‘s a silvery neutral-toned lilac metallic with multi-sized glitters in the same color. It dries with a slight texture (similar to OPI’s Liquid Sand finish) and somewhat shiny (not matte, as Julep describes their Stardust finish, to my eye). It’s an understated color that doesn’t scream purple but isn’t boring in the least: it’s clearly lilac when examined more closely, and the light-scattering from the mixed glitter creates a druzy-like effect. Also, it’s got pretty good coverage in one coat, and the formula is easy to apply.

It’s also pretty durable. I’ve worn it for about half a week without too much noticeable wear, despite my tendency to use my nails as tools. I love that about Julep nail polishes.

Thumbs up from me on this polish!

I really loved Julep’s February colors and wish April’s finishes had been more interesting. I ended up skipping this month, so I won’t be reviewing an April 2014 box, but I’m holding onto my hopes for May. :]



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