Julep Shannon

Since I got my Julep Lucky Mystery Box on Thursday, I’ve been dying to try Shannon, the pale minty silk finish polish that was guaranteed in my box. I must admit, I bought the box mostly for Shannon.

Let me tell you, it was worth it.

This is three coats, no top coat, direct sunlight:

The formula is a little sheer, and like with Noelle, the brush strokes are sort of obvious until it dries – especially if, like me, you’re too excited about trying new colors and not always super careful. It dries super fast to a pearly, silky matte, though, and application is great. The dry time was even faster with the Ta Da! Quick Dry Drops, which do double duty as cuticle moisturizer. (They’re slowly growing on me, even if they don’t speed up the dry time by all that much.)

In indirect sunlight:

Ah, this color is so refreshing. I’m telling you, I just can’t get enough of mint green, and this one’s paleness and texture gives it such a delicious, sugary mint frosting look. Yum!

All right, so I was also less than careful with my application today because I’ve got a fierce case of the hunger shakes, but I really do think Shannon looks pretty yummy.

Did you pick up a Julep mystery box this month, and if so, which exclusive polish caught your eye?

UPDATE 3/22/14: Good durability on this polish. It lasted about five days without chipping.


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