Revlon Sun Candy Sun Shower & Julep Missy

Somehow, the yummy neon pastel colors of Revlon’s Sun Candy polishes never fail to catch my eye when I’m at my local CVS. They’re dual-polish sets similar to Revlon’s Moon Candy series, except in brighter colors for spring and paired with iridescent glitter toppers instead of flakies.

My sister is apparently a mind reader and picked up Sun Shower for me, which happens to be my favorite of all the colors. Here’s two coats of the creme side as a base and a dabbed-on slight gradient with the glitter side of Sun Shower on all fingers, except for two coats of Julep Missy on the ring finger, all topped with Seche Vite.

Sun Shower‘s bright pastel teal creme polish is a bit streaky and chalky on the first coat, but it at least mostly evens out by the second coat. The formula is on the watery side but manageable if you’re careful. The slightly turquoise-tinted glitter is pretty typical for its type: a little thick but easy enough to dab on. The color of the sheer base doesn’t really show on the nail. The dichroic green-to-blue flash of the glitter reminds me of mermaids and swimming pools, and it pairs really well with the creme it comes packaged with.

My only real beef with Sun Shower is that it wasn’t very durable on me and chipped pretty terribly within a day or two, even with my usual regimen of Orly Bonder underneath and Seche Vite on top. Kind of a bummer.

On the other hand, Missy, survived virtually unscathed over the course of the week. Granted, it was on my ring finger, which seems to get the least wear, but Juleps can usually take a lot of punishment, from my experience. Like other Julep foils I’ve tried (e.g., Sienna, Margot, et cetera), Missy has a great formula and goes on super smoothly and opaquely. It’s a neutral- to cool-toned silver and is super shiny, even without top coat. I kind of love it. Missy was from last October’s Julep Maven box.

Day two, I was already starting to see significant tip wear on Sun Shower:


Still, it was pretty while it lasted – way sparklier than these photos would suggest! My phone couldn’t quite capture it.

My sis and I did matching nails that week. She used Revlon Sun Candy Fiery Sky and Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie Grammy Gold (I think – I’ll correct this later if it’s wrong) for a warm version of mine. She had the same durability issue with Fiery Sky, but we both liked the bright, sugary colors enough that we didn’t care that much.


Have you tried any Sun Candy colors? If so, what did you think?


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