Sephora by OPI Ruby Without a Cause & SpaRitual Imagination

Bah, I super love Golden Romance, but it chipped off shortly after I wrote up that last post. :[ I blame myself for skipping Orly Bonder – for the one nail that I repaired with Bonder as an experiment, the nail polish didn’t chip off, so it’s not entirely the fault of the polish. In other words, don’t let my experience deter you from buying it!

Anyway, since my polish chipped off early, here’s a quickie swatch post. I used one of my untried polishes, Ruby Without a Cause from the now-discontinued Sephora by OPI line. It’s a one-coater!

This is one coat, topped with one coat of SpaRitual Imagination (from the 2013 holiday Illuminate collection) on the index and ring fingers, plus Seche Vite on all nails. In indoor fluorescent lighting (hence the greenish cast), day 2:

Not my best application ever because I rushed it, but the flat, slightly wide brush is actually very easy to control, if you’re willing to take my word for it.

And here it is again in indirect sunlight, also day 2:

No complaints on the formula or brush for either. In the bottle, Ruby Without a Cause looks like it’s got some veins of dichroic teal/green shimmer, but this doesn’t translate onto the nail at all. Instead, it looks like a straight-up rose shimmer/metallic once applied. Not as amazing as it looks in the bottle, but still a pretty color. It’s also got perfect coverage in one coat.

Imagination‘s a sheer brownish mauve – puce, almost – loaded with dichroic magenta-to-blue shimmer. It gives Ruby Without a Cause a purplish tinge, and the shimmer shows up as mostly teal to blue on this color. SpaRitual polishes are usually $12, but I picked this up for $5-ish on clearance and with a 20%-off coupon at Ulta – score!

Official SpaRitual Imagination swatch.

I’ll leave you with a bottle shot of both colors so you can get an idea of how even more awesome these look in the bottle. I only wish they were as iridescent on the nail!


Happy Friday!


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