Milani Golden Romance

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! ♥ I’m not into the idea of commercialized love, but I still enjoy the holiday, in all its pink, red, and chocolate glory. Blame the residual warm fuzzies from trading elementary-school valentines all those years ago – I loved it!

Anyway, I picked Milani Golden Romance (from Milani’s new spring 2014 collection) to swatch and wear this week because 1) its name and color are so Valentine’s Day, and 2) my husband gave me this polish! (He’s one of those rare men who loves going nail polish shopping as much as I do.) It’s hard to capture in photos exactly how extremely mirror-shiny this polish is, but it’s extremely shiny. It’s densely packed gold metallic microglitter (almost too fine to be called a glitter, really) and multi-sized pale pink hex glitters in a clear base. Also, I could be wrong, but the base looks a touch pearlescent to me.

This is two coats, topped with Seche Vite:

The formula is good – a little watery, but not too runny to apply easily – and it dries fast. It’s a little bit sheer, probably purposely so, but I think it stands well on its own. My only issue with the polish is that it started flaking off my nails a bit on the second day. That could be partially my fault, though; I didn’t use my usual Orly Bonder underneath, and that tends to make a noticeable difference in polish durability for me. The chipping’s not too noticeable, though, because of the polish’s subtle color.

This is two coats, before top coat, in direct sunlight:

You can kind of see how the polish is a bit sheer, such that the pinkness of my nail shows through in some lighting. You can also maybe see what I mean by a slight pearlescence in the finish.

And, here’s two coats, before top coat, in indirect sunlight, to better show the coverage of the gold glitter/shimmer, which tends to look reasonably opaque in most lighting:

I just really love this polish, and I love that it’s an inexpensive drugstore polish. In person, it’s super shiny like a foil/chrome polish but has more going on, with the multi-sized glitter texture. I can’t help but wonder if it looks anything like Maybelline Gilded Rose (from their line of Brocade polishes) or Sephora Formula X Love Chemistry (from the Sparklers line). I don’t own either right now, but if they somehow end up in my possession, maybe I’ll do a face-off. :]


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