Julep February 2014 Maven Box: The Dramatic Collection, Boho Glam (with promo codes)

My Julep Maven February box came in today! I went with the Boho Glam box this month.


As usual, it was attractively packaged, this time in a bed of burgundy scrunchy paper shreds and metallic charcoal tissue paper. This month’s inspirational quote is from Emile Zola: “If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you…I came to live out loud.”

Julep threw in three promo codes with this box: ALIST20 for 20% off their Ink Gel Eyeliner and Angled Liner Brush duo, SHEEN10 for 10% off their eye sheens, and BEMINE for 2-for-1 nail polish. These codes expire March 1, 2014.

The Boho Glam box this month included Cameron, a “[s]ilver lilac stardust (matte glitter)”, Rooney, a “[w]alnut bark crème”, and one eye sheen liquid eyeshadow (I went with the dusty taupe shimmer). I also added on Glam Roc (“[m]idnight purple & gold stardust (matte glitter)”) and Diamond Theory (“[f]ull-coverage multidimensional copper glitter”) from the It Girl box. The bonus this month was Love, an extra nail polish (“Jane’s gift– [g]old, pearl & fuchsia microglitter”) and the one I was most excited about, myself.


I’ll definitely update this post with links to swatches when I get around to them.

Meanwhile, I’ve, once again, got some interesting color comparison shots to show you all.


It’s almost another Margot/Sienna moment. I suspected from the February 2014 promo shots that Rooney would be a slightly browner/warmer Fiore, and from looking at the bottles, I could be right. The swatches are a bit more promising, as Rooney looked significantly more chocolaty and had a thinner, more jelly-like formula than Fiore on handling:


I don’t know about the walnut bark creme descriptor for Rooney, actually. As far as I know, walnut-tree bark is usually pretty grayish, and Rooney’s not gray enough to make me think walnut bark. Oh, well.

I also have my suspicions regarding the similarities between Glam Roc and OPI Alcatraz…Rocks.


I suspect that they’ll be somewhat similar, even finish-wise, if the matte glitter “stardust” finish bears any resemblance to OPI’s Liquid Sand finish. Just from looking at the bottles, I expect Alcatraz will be cooler-toned/bluer, but otherwise, the mixture of colors looks pretty similar.

I’ll be posting face-offs of these sometime in the near future, I’m sure.

What box did you get this month, and what did you think?

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