A quick look at eDivv, a new beauty products trading site

A short time ago, I was contacted by PR folks representing eDivv, inviting me to check out the new beauty products/samples trading site. I don’t currently have anything I’m looking to trade away, but I have friends and readers who might be interested, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to check it out, ask them a few questions, and share my initial thoughts.

According to the site, it’s a free service allowing users to trade samples and products from various beauty subscription services (e.g., Birchbox, Ipsy, Julep, and others) with other users. EDivv’s press release describes a reputation system that allows users to rate each other based on their transactions.

Mobile site screencap.
eDivv’s mobile site is functional, organized, and easy to navigate.

I asked eDivv what benefits it offers over previously existing channels for swapping products, such as various forums, Facebook groups, eBay, etc., other than providing a reputation system. Their reply:

eDivv come offers a seamless and safe place to swap beauty samples and accessories. While groups like this have existed in forums and on Facebook as long as beauty boxes have been around, no platform has made the process easy until now. eDivv has a built in negotiation system that allows you to look at what the other person has to offer and go back and forth regarding which items you’re willing to trade for what they request and vice versa. Additionally. you’re not sharing your personal information out in the open like with other methods.

I also asked them how the reputation system was monitored to ensure fairness, and I was told, “A one-time link is sent to each individual involved in a trade after the trade has been completed. The eDivv team looks into any issues that arise within the feedback, so if someone failed to send their products for example, eDivv would facilitate a conversation to correct the issue.

Seems like their value proposition is in shielding users’ personal information from other users, providing a reputation system, and helping to mediate potential problems between users, on top of offering a platform for people to hopefully conveniently negotiate trades of their unwanted beauty products/samples. Users pay no fees for the service (other than shipping costs for mailing their trades) and can negotiate trades of multiple items at once, which makes eDivv more attractive than eBay for this sort of product exchange.

I was also curious how the eDivv service is funded, since trading is free. After all, website maintenance costs have to come from somewhere. This is what eDivv had to say on the matter:

eDivv.com is completely free to users. The only fee they incur is the cost of shipping their products to their trading partner. Most people are trading 2-3 items at a time, so this is a very nominal cost when you consider that you’re not getting more out of your beauty boxes than you would if the products you didn’t like just sat in the closet.

Their statement didn’t really answer my question, unfortunately, so I decided to poke around the website a little.

eDivv’s privacy policy discloses that they may collect personal information, though only what is voluntarily submitted, and their uses of the information don’t seem terribly nefarious (to improve customer service, personalize user experience, improve their site, process payments, run promotions or other site features, and send periodic e-mails – pretty typical stuff). Otherwise, I saw some mention of ads on the site and use of Google Adsense, so my guess is that the site runs on advertising revenue.

Overall, eDivv looks potentially useful for those of you sitting on mounds of subscription box goodies you’re not planning on using. The website’s cleanly designed and easy enough to navigate, from what I’ve seen, and I didn’t notice anything skeezy on this first pass. I didn’t sign up for the site or try the trading system hands-on since I don’t have anything to trade at the moment, but if any of you end up trying eDivv out, I’d love to know about your experience!

Note: This post is not sponsored by eDivv, and I didn’t receive anything in consideration for writing this post.


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