Face-off: Julep Glam Roc vs. OPI Alcatraz…Rocks

Remember how I mentioned that I wanted to compare Julep Glam Roc (a Stardust Finish polish from Julep's February 2014 Dramatic Collection, apparently "[c]urated and named by Jay-Z's ROCNATION") and OPI Alcatraz...Rocks (a Liquid Sand polish and my absolute favorite color from OPI's San Francisco Collection last year)? I love Alcatraz...Rocks to death and didn't mind... Continue Reading →


Milani Golden Romance

It's almost Valentine's Day! ♥ I'm not into the idea of commercialized love, but I still enjoy the holiday, in all its pink, red, and chocolate glory. Blame the residual warm fuzzies from trading elementary-school valentines all those years ago - I loved it! Anyway, I picked Milani Golden Romance (from Milani's new spring 2014 collection) to... Continue Reading →

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