Lupicia Tea 2014 Happy Bag

This post isn’t about polish, but it is about a mystery bag. It’s hard for me to pass up a mystery bag/box, especially when it’s an excellent value. It’s even harder for me to pass up a mystery bag when that bag is full of delicious tea – which, by the way, for those of you reading my blog for my nail-related posts, is full of antioxidants and excellent for your health, which positively affects your nails and everything else as a bonus!

The day after New Year’s, I stopped by Lupicia, a specialty tea shop, while I was at shopping at my local Japanese grocery. The nice salesperson there informed me that they’re currently selling Happy Bags, which are blind/mystery bags guaranteed to contain tea worth at least double what you pay, while supplies last. They had a $30 bag worth at least $60 and a $60 bag worth at least $120.


I’ve wondered for some time now if my addiction to mystery bags is somehow cultural. Fukubukuro (福袋), or lucky bags, are mystery grab-bags customarily offered by all kinds of Japanese stores around New Year’s. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have ready access to a lot of those, else I’d probably go broke.


Predictably, I picked up a $60 bag because I love Lupicia tea. Here’s what was inside, including each item’s regular value:

The total value of this bag comes out to $121.50, and I now have enough tea to last me the year. :] Pretty awesome deal, yeah?

As a note, my two sisters each picked up a $30 bag, and their contents turned out to be identical, so it’s possible that the bags at each price level include the same items. If you got one of these, I’d love to know what teas you received and test my theory!

UPDATE 1/7/14: I forgot to mention earlier that I got a Mixed Assortment bag. The store I visited had two choices, Mixed Assortment and Herbal. It looks like the Lupicia website only offers one type of bag, so it might be different from the bag I bought. Hope that helps!


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  1. Oh, I wish I’d seen a place selling mystery bags around here! I’ve never seen anywhere putting them together where I live, but I suspect I’d be much like you – the chance of it all is just too tempting.

    As for the contents of your $60 bag, that ripe mango oolong sounds divine. ❤

    1. No mystery bags in Australia? Aw – I would’ve thought you guys might have some, since you’re close to Asia. I’ve never tried their ripe mango oolong, but I’m really excited about it too. :]

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I ordered a $60 bag online, and they haven’t started shipping them yet because the offices were closed all week. I’ve only had their fukubukuro in Japan, and you can choose what kinds of tea you want (black, green, or herbal), so I was worried since this is a hodgepodge of everything. Assuming they are all about the same, your list makes me excited 🙂

      1. Hola, it’s me again. I actually got the same thing except instead of Paradise Green tea bags, I got Elderflower and Chamomile. I was hoping for a little more variety like they have in the Japanese fukubukuro, but it’s still a really nice selection to choose from over the next months 🙂

      2. Thanks for the heads up! Elderflower and Chamomile does sound yummy. What kind of selection did you get in the Japanese bag, if you don’t mind me asking? Now I’m intrigued!

  3. Thanks for posting this, and your breakdown of prices. I’ve been looking everywhere for postings of the bag contents. I ordered the $60 bag online as well, but it’s STILL processing! I love oolong tea, and their pineapple oolong is so good, so I hope I get lots of oolong like you did.

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